30 Awesome Valentine’s Day Wallpapers

As we welcome in the new year, all of you must be looking forward this month since it’s the month of love. Valentine’s day or “The Feast Saint Valentine” is particularly important to lovers who plan to spend quality time with each other.  This is the day when lovers from every corner of the globe congregate and spend it in their own special way.

This is also the day when many of you would like to have attractive wallpapers on your mobiles or laptops. The list below has some killer Valentine’s Day wallpapers which may fit into your personal collections of wallpapers. So relax and enjoy the freebies collection.

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1. Love 2012

love wallpaper
Image Source: Deviantart

Love 2012 is a wallpaper in black background with charming words written on it.

2. Dream Cortex Wallpaper

love this year valentines day wallpaper
Image Source: Flickr

Dream Cortex by Benjamin Yiu is in blue and can spice up your mood.

3. Valentines Candy

blue valentine day image
Image Source: Deviantart

Valentines Candy is an amazing work with an elegant design.

4. Valentine Day Special

Image Source: Alphacoders

Valentines Day Special has two beautiful hearts in red with beautiful words encrypted on them.

5. Coffee With Love

Image Source: Deviantart

This sweet wallpaper has a cup of coffee with amazing figures encircling it.

6. Cute Wallpaper

Image Source: Deviantart

This cute wallpaper has a smiling heart in red.

7. Magic Love


Magic Love features a desktop with “heart smokes” beside it.

8. Love Cards


This awesome wallpaper features cards with the word “Love” written in an amazing way.

9. Love Gifts


Love Gifts has a chain of hearts in pink and purple.

10. I love you on Paper


This is a simple wallpaper but looks amazing.

11. Valentine’s Day Wallpaper


This word by Divya Jessica shows a couple seated on a bench enjoying some romantic moments.

12. 3D Wallpaper


This 3D wallpaper has the words “I Love Your” written on it.

13. Valentine Wallpaper


This is a simple yet elegant design with the word “Love” written in a stylish manner.

14. Love Wallpaper


This looks quite kiddish but is charming.

15. Colorful Wallpaper


This colorful wallpaper is a great way to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

16. Dream Cortex


This is again a stunning work by Benjamin Yiu.

17. Hugs & Kisses


Enjoy this great work by C. P. Storm.

18. Valentine’s Day Preparation


Valentines Day Preparation has a number of hearts joined by thread-like structures.

19. Splattered Heart


Check out this beautiful design which features a broken heart with designs splashed all over.

20. Red Heart Box


This has a box -shaped heart with a ribbon around it.

21. Words of Love


This has a black background with a heart filled with the letters of love.

22. Cute Teddy


A simple work featuring a teddy with a heart.

23. Glasses of Love Wallpaper


This wallpaper has two half filled glasses with hearts spilling out from them.

24. Undelivered Valentine


Check out this beautiful creation by zarengo.

25. Land of Broken Hearts


Land of broken hearts is colorful and is a great way to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

26. Heart in the snow


This creation by Christina Feivik shows a heart dug in snow.

27. Geeky Love


This work featured on Smashing Magazine and is a simple design.

28. Life Is Hard


Life is Hard has two painted hearts-one is dark pink and the other one in black.

29. Bursting With Love


Bursting with Love has been created using Adobe Photoshop CS5 which you should definitely try.

30. Love Letters


Love Letters is an amazing work by Lia Lake.

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I hope you have enjoyed the post, please comment below to express your love for your valentine.

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