How to Market Your Photography Business


If you’re a photographer, there are probably times when you feel weird about marketing your work. After all, you got into this industry to create fine art, not be a salesperson. But if you want to keep doing what you love, you can’t neglect your marketing plan; it’s the only thing that will make your business a success. Continue reading “How to Market Your Photography Business”

Alamy – A Review

With its database of more than 50 million images, Alamy has been among the leading stock image agencies present in the market. While it provides royalty free licence, it also offers Rights Managed- Exclusive Licence along with Novel Use Licence too. The commission is quite high as they both split each sale into half to each which is quite fair to contributors. With its huge image and video collection, Alamy is still growing rapidly across the world as the best place to sell photos online.

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