25 Fascinating Pair of Birds Inspiring Love

Fascinating Pair of Birds

Love is beautiful, it is a strong feeling, an attraction or affection for someone special. It can be said love is in the eyes of beholder. So here some great photographers have captured these amazing moments from nature in the form of Love birds. These loving and affectionate pair of birds in serenity are ready to grab your attention. Hope you’ll love them. Continue reading “25 Fascinating Pair of Birds Inspiring Love”

30 Spectacular Chess Images Example

Chess is one of the most popular two player board game. It is played on chessboard which has 64 squares arranged in a eight by eight grid. At many places in the world chess has become a part of school curriculum. Chess originated in eastern India in the Gupta Empire and at that time it was known as Chaturanga and the modern game today was modified in Southern Europe. Continue reading “30 Spectacular Chess Images Example”