Special Event Photography Examples

Event photography is a part of photography. In event photography includes many events like corporate, Business, Outdoors, Parties and wedding. When an event is organized people call a photographer for some special event images. In the event photography common feature included like clean & nice shot, pre-event shot, not over shot, quick shot & deliver fastly photo shot.

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The Moves and Swings of Dance Photography

Capturing Movement in Dance Photography is never easy, and it takes years practice and several number of attempts. You have to fast enough to capture people while they are flying in the air or may be moving swiftly no the floor. So, how is it done? Without too much blur. It can be done by using flash like for example a camera like Cannon 20D with 580EX Flash can be used with a white piece of paper with a diffuser.

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15 Inexpensive Light Box Photography Examples

In the Light box photography small and medium items are photographed. It is inexpensive photography. We simply use a large cardboard box and cut off these edges. When we cut edges of the box then it has to be properly wrapped up in a white cloth and then we use the flashlight to focus on the object. Here are some examples of light Box Photography.

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20+ Classic Lifestyle Photography Moments

Lifestyle Photography is just a capture of an idea, a moment that can be recognized and felt by the masses. It is entirely dynamic, and it changes with our daily lifestyle. Moments that gives you joy can be a part of this lifestyle photography. For example bubble blowing baby, someone riding a bike with their best buddy and may be capturing a kiss in a garden of love.

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