Street Photography Tips and Examples

Street Photography Tips and Examples


Street photography involves the method of straight photography which shows an authentic and clear vision of the life and culture of streets in the city. This kind of photography has a propensity of being ironic and is very often deviated from its subject matter. Often it concentrates on a specific human moment that is caught at a poignant or decisive moment.

Here are some stunning street photography tips and examples which will help you to capture crucial and significant moments, thereby using your camera to reflect the society.

 1. Address your subjects


Image by Shaun Nelson

The “in your face” technique can quite often be fascinating. However, get ready to address your subjects or else they’ll be amazed with what you do. A close interaction between the subject and photographer leads to an intimacy which can be uncomfortable especially for newbie street photographers. You can perhaps carry a small photo album which showcases your work. Let your potential subjects know about your interesting work which will eventually ease some amount of tension and lead to greater photographic opportunities. A tiny photo album which can be contained in your pocket can open up new avenues.

2. Keep yourself informed of planned gatherings


Image by PaulSteinJC

Street Photography is sometimes used to broadcast social commentary. Keep yourself informed on what kinds of gatherings are scheduled to be organized in your locality. Huge groups of individuals in support, or protest, or maybe for a particular cause can result in some engaging street photographs. Such photographs can also be used to give your own opinion on social issues like drug abuse or homelessness.

3. Stop Moving


Image by DigitalArtBerlin

Do you take street photographs while strolling around your beautiful city? Of course, there is nothing wrong with this. However, it’s tough to walk around, concentrate and capture high quality photographs. Sometimes, you may find yourself out of place when a splendid moment occurs. The key to this is to slow down a bit. Make it a habit to stop every few blocks and patiently wait for some time. See what’s going on around you and let your subjects come close to you before taking a shot.

4.Focus on the eyes of the subject


Image by Shaun Nelson

If you want to improve upon your street photography skills, focusing on the eyes of the subject can be the perfect method to do it. People are skilled at shielding their emotions with their facial expression; however their eyes can never lie. Look for the emotional hint in the eyes of the subject and it’ll have a metamorphic effect on your photos.

5. Emphasize on details


Image by Thomas Leuthard

Capturing crazy positions or fitting the maximum number of objects or individuals into a well-refined frame are not only the objectives of street photography. You need to look at the larger picture. Simplify your images and look around for every tiny detail-the minuscule hints on life which most of us seem to miss. Try to focus on the details-a person’s expression, his hands, a small piece of clothing or an object framed extremely close. Robust emotions and ideas can easily be portrayed with the help of the simplest scenes around.

6. Capture at ISO 1600

8575832142_bbd7d1001e_z (1)

Image by Thomas Leuthard 

At present, digital cameras are too good to be ignored at high ISOs. Shooting still objects or in bright sunlight may not require to be shot around ISO 1600. However, it can be a great idea for the rest of the time. Your images will tend to be sharper with a high ISO as you can use an accelerate shutter speed and a relatively smaller aperture. This allows a greater part of the scene to emerge sharp.

7. Capture shots without people


Image by Samuel Webster

Often Street Photography is wrongly linked with being capturing only people out on the street. Undoubtedly, it’s about shooting people or their emotions; however, people need not always be present where you shoot. You can have endless list of opportunities for street photographs without people. However, it should not be confused with urban landscape which involves a straight capture of an urban environment, such as the Empire State Building. The image above is a striking example of street photograph without people.

8. Use artificial light to shoot at night


Image by Cuba Gallery

Shooting at night can be rewarding and fun. Street photos taken at night can be relatively powerful and moody compared to shots taken during the day. And you can shoot in the absence of a flash. In fact, shots without flash can give an authentic look to the image. You, however, need to derive advantage of artificial sources of light. The trick lies in finding brighter regions. Use gleaming storefront signs or streetlamps.

9.Read books on street photography


Image by Anton Kawasaki

The best street photographs involve moments of happening which you are unaware of. You are not capturing a particular subject but waiting patiently to see what befalls next in the busy transformation in a public place. Such photographs are usually self-contained. Educate yourself on street photography by reading books or websites on photography. Get to know how and why the images work. Learn how and why a photographer captured a beautiful moment. Find out the devices used by photographers on the street.

10. Choose interesting subjects


Image by Navid Baraty

Finding an interesting subject can be time consuming but worthy. Look around and search for subjects that pull in your attention and follow them in anticipation that some opportunity will open up. In some cases, you may turn around and find an outstanding scene waiting to be captured. You can then get in the best position and capture it.

11. Where should you shoot from


Image by Ben Heine

Get close to your subjects and shoot with a tiny, somewhat wide-angled lens. You tend to look more apparent while standing across the street.

12. Get yourself in crowded regions


Image by JFabra

Position yourself where there are lots of people around you and you’ll come up with an excellent street picture. You’ll get to know whether a particular place will deliver or not-it’s very much like getting some bites while fishing. Hang around if you sense a buzz. The trick lies in maintaining your concentration and focus and not allow a photographic experience turn into a drinking or shopping excursion.

Some Great Examples

On the Street…Early Evening, London



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