Artistic Fruit Photography

22 Artistic Fruit Photography

Fruit is a tasty plant product and part of our everyday meal. Fruits are rich in many essential nutrients such as potassium, vitamin C, dietary fiber… A healthy diet includes fruits as they are low in fat and includes no cholesterol. Well, here we will see how photographers use fruits as main object of there photography… Hope you’ll like the collection and art of photographers with fruit.…

1. Mandarina ( © Cristina Otero)

Image Source: 500px

2. An Apple a Day… ( © Vie Lipowski)

An Apple a Day...
Image Source: 500px

3. UnderWatermelon ( © Elena Kalis)

Image Source: 500px

4. Cocktail ( © Vendenis)

Image Source: 500px

5. Cherries ( © Taeki M)

Image Source: 500px

6. Strawberry splash ( © Sreekumar Mahadevan Pillai)

Strawberry splash
Image Source: 500px

7. The Watcher ( © Marta Borreguero)

The Watcher
Image Source: 500px

8. Granada ( © Cristina Otero)

Image Source: 500px

9. Kiwi II ( © Leif Løndal)

Kiwi II
Image Source: 500px

10. Comfort ( © Chris Daugherty)

Image Source: 500px

11. Pieces and grains of ripe pomegranate ( © Natalia Lisovskaya)

Pieces and grains of ripe pomegranate
Image Source: 500px

12. Mulberry ( © Nguyen Dinh Thuc)

Image Source: 500px

13. A ( © Adrian D)

Image Source: 500px

14. Tangerine ( © Michel Bochet-Mérand)

Image Source: 1x

15. Basket of Fruit ( © Tom Mc Nemar)

Basket of Fruit
Image Source: 500px

16. Grapes: The Fruit of Hope ( © Esther Spektor)

Grapes The Fruit of Hope
Image Source: Flickr

17. The Crossed Apple ( © Esther Spektor)

The Crossed Apple
Image Source: Flickr

18. Sea Buckthorn Temptation ( © Esther Spektor)

Sea Buckthorn Temptation
Image Source: Flickr

19. Grapes in the glass ( © Danijel Karpišek)

Grapes in the glass
Image Source: 500px

20. Oranges & lemons ( © tugboat1952)

oranges & lemons
Image Source: Flickr

21. Crabapples And Wild Strawberries ( © Natalie Panga)

Crabapples And Wild Strawberries
Image Source: Flickr

22. Apples, Lovely, Ripe and Juicy ( © Natalie Panga)

Apples, Lovely, Ripe and Juicy
Image Source: Flickr


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