Fall In Love With 3D Wallpapers

Every screen, be it a laptop or desktop has a wallpaper that brings in real character, in you. Many of the designer that I have worked with have always placed something related to designing, art and Illustration, so today we bring you 3D wallpapers for making your screen look beautiful.

All the 3D wallpaper below are linked to their respective sources, from where you download and use them on your work screen. Mostly these wallpaper are made in software like Photoshop, Maya, 3Ds Max, Blender and Caligari, the way they are made exemplary, and you will surely get inspired by these fresh and new collection of 3D wallpapers.

Do send us your entries of 3D wallpaper, so that we can add them to this collection.

1. Cool Colors

Cool Colors

2. 3D Ball

3D Ball

3. Spheres of Particles

Spheres of Particles

4. Dark Asian

Dark Asian

5. Nature captured

Nature captured

6. Wedding Hearts

Wedding Hearts

7. Shots Sucks

Shots Sucks

8. French Tricolour

French Tricolour

9. Around


10. 3D Dice

3D Dice

11. Terminator


12. Abstract Ribbons

Abstract Ribbons

13. Elevation


14. Green Balls

Green Balls

15. Dangerous Blonde

Dangerous Blonde

16. 3D Inspiration

3D Inspiration

17. Pink 3D

Pink 3D

18. 3D Objects

3D Objects

19. Positive Energy Wallpaper Abstract 3D


20. Genuine Abstract

Genuine Abstract



22. The Counter

The Counter

23. Two Headed Dragon

Two Headed Dragon

24. Purple Mood

Purple Mood

25. The Screamy

The Screamy

26. Attom


27. Metal Girl

Metal Girl

28. Colorful Fields

Colorful Fields

29. Self Illumination

Self Illumination

30. Crakers


31. Endurance


32. 3D Bars

3D Bars

33. Walk The Duck

Walk The Duck

34. The Land Of Dreams

The Land Of Dreams

35. Death Knight

Death Knight

36. Abstract Chaos

Abstract Chaos

37. Drunk


38. Cubic Sphere

Cubic Sphere

39. Broken Heart

Broken Heart

40. Stellar 3D Spheres

Stellar 3D Spheres

41. Injektion


42. 3D Forever

3D Forever

43. Silly Penguin

Silly Penguin

44. The Opiated

The Opiated

45. Technical Revoution – 2nd Version

Technical Revoution - 2nd Version

46. Merge Mode

Merge Mode

47. Waves of Emotion

Waves of Emotion

48. CG Deep

CG Deep

49. Drone


50. Abstract Balooning

Abstract Balooning

51. Matrix Binary

Matrix Binary

52. Cherry Beats

Cherry Beats

53. 3D Cubes Black

3D Cubes Black

54. Abstract Planet

Abstract Planet

55. Mystic Eye

Mystic Eye

56. Lust


57. Sad Ball

Sad Ball

58. Scary Loops

Scary Loops

59. Cubes Abstract

Cubes Abstract

60. Above The Clouds

Above The Clouds

61. Lighted Blocks

Lighted Blocks

62. Robot


63. 3D Colorful Squares

3D Colorful Squares

64. Deviant Pixi

Deviant Pixi

65. Evolution of Newtons Cradle

Evolution of Newtons Cradle

66. Frozen Heart

Frozen Heart

67. Some are Different

Some are Different

68. Heliox GL

Heliox GL

69. Red Light

Red Light

70. Glass Balls

Glass Balls

71. Digital Waves

Digital Waves

72. Dice


73. Atom Array

Atom Array

74. Dilly Rank Gamer

Dilly Rank Gamer

75. Matter of life and death

Matter of life and death


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