5 Ways Photographers Can Use Social Media to Grow Their Business


Whether you are a fashion photographer, wedding photographer or performance photographer if you aren’t growing your presence online then you are leaving money on the table. Social media is one of the best ways to increase your online exposure and this article looks at 5 top tips for expanding your photography business online.

  1. Save Time by Using a Social Media Scheduler

In order to effectively grow your presence, you are going to need to be present on at least three platforms (if not more). You can’t be everywhere at once so save your precious time by using a social media scheduler like PublBox which will allow you to bulk upload your photographs and write their accompanying statuses all in one go.

This way you can schedule and upload one month of content within a few hours and then you can get back to editing your photos for clients and taking care of the other important aspects of your business.

  1. Don’t Just Rely On Great Photos On Instagram

We all know that Instagram is by far the most photographer-friendly social media platform. However, there are hundreds of thousands of professional photographers out there posting their perfectly edited photos every day. You need to think about how you can compete, and just posting your photos is not enough.

Making sure you consistently post items on your Instagram story ensures you stay at the top of your followers’ feeds. In addition, go and interact with people in your niche, build relationships, you never know when a fellow photographer might refer someone to you because they specialize in weddings and you specialize in fashion. It’s nice to get likes and followers but you need to remember you are using this as a platform to make money.

  1. Create an Active Presence on YouTube

YouTube may be in fact more important to you than Instagram as a photographer. Why? YouTube is the second biggest search engine in the world and it is much easier to rank videos of your photography work than it is to rank your photography website.

Tutorial videos are a chance to show off your photography expertise as well as becoming an influencer that people look up to in the photography niche. If you film time-lapses, YouTube is a great place to upload these videos. Remember that once you get to 1,000 subscribers you can monetize your account, so not only will you gain clients by building authority in your niche, you will also earn advertising revenue.

  1. Make Your Content Discoverable

You want to make sure that you interlink of all your social media channels so that potential photography clients can see every aspect of your work. Your YouTube subscribers need to know about your amazing Instagram photos and your Instagram followers need to know about the latest blog you wrote on your website which is linked on your Facebook page and so on.

Not only will this massively increase your exposure, you will gain likes, followers and subscribers from each different platform, and finally you will also be increasing how many people will be socially sharing your content online.

  1. Optimize Your Social Profiles

Poorly written social media profile descriptions can cost you dearly. Make sure you include of the keywords that relate to your particular photography niche, and write them in an engaging manner. This way not only will your social fans be in no doubt as to what type of photography you specialize in, they will also start to rank in google.

Once you optimize your social media profiles and descriptions you will begin to notice they appear near the top of the search when you type in your photography businesses’ name, which will make you look like an authority in your industry.