50 Aww Moments of the Month – June 2014

Now is a great time to cheer up your moods and become happy about what all things you have in life. This post if for those people who love life and happenings in life.

Do share your photos with us, if you have an aww moment of yours. You can also share your story in the comment section, after the article.

1. Took my daughter to the petting zoo today…or should I say, pillow zoo1. Took my daughter to the petting zoo today…or should I say, pillow zoo

2. Let him out, came out a minute later to check on him…

3. A stray cat snuck into a zoo enclosure and made a new pal.

4. My local zoo has a new mom! She is part of a captive breeding program.

5. Meet Matilda. She’s one today.

6. Meet Matilda. She’s one today.

7. Saved this guy’s life yesterday…we were both a bit scared.

8. Best Friends

9. Found this little guy outside my patio…He decided to jump up on my foot

10. Meet Olga – The only cat I’ve met that likes to go on hikes – She walked with us through a Finnish forest for nearly 2kms

11. Rescued this boy from the shelter and this was his face the whole ride home.

12. We got a 10 month old Dane today. He realized our Golden is a bit older, therefore can’t play as hard as him and shares the toys.

13. Fred went to the vet today. We found out, after four years, that Fred is actually a lady. Fred is fabulous.

14. Found two baby bats rolling on my deck this morning. I had never seen a baby bat before, thought maybe others hadn’t either.

15. So, my friend’s baby goshawk had a play-date with a baby owl.

16. Duck gets a prosthesis. Looks very happy!

17. Someone’s in trouble

18. I’m dog sitting this derp monster this weekend

19. “I’m not sure what to do with my face”

20. A nice pillow doesn’t hurt either…

21. Catch of the Day

22. And here is my dog waiting for me to throw the ball.

23. Waking up to this is pretty nice.

24. So my friend’s dogs found a baby deer

25. Herd of baby tortoises.

26. Found this little guy on a drill job.

27. We were throwing a Frisbee on the other side of the fence. These goons felt left out and ripped a board out.

28. Max will be 15 years old in October and he STILL sleeps with stuffed animals…

29. My brother said he heard a boop against the window. Found this little guy.

30. This 50 year old Fl. man cut this kitten out of his car once he heard it making noise.

31. This is my cat. Sometimes he has what we call the kitty crazies.

32. We closed the door. I think she knows it’s bath time.

33. The fluff was intense after his morning brushing!

34. Friend missed dinner because of sick kitten. Sent me this picture as compensation. The big one is normally an asshole.

35. Big and littles

36. Today is my dad’s birthday, and all he wanted was to snuggle with our dog, who he hasn’t seen for a week because he’s been in the hospital. We managed to get clearance for this birthday surprise!

37. Settling in for nap time.

38. My job is to take pictures of homes for realtors. Master bath in this home was a bit occupied…

39. About 3 months ago Reddit named this little one, thought you might like to see how she’s grown

40. The shelter wouldn’t stop thanking us for taking an older dog home. She’s 10, looks like she’s 14, acts like she’s 6, and is as sweet as can be.

41. He finds bombs for belly rubs.

42. Update: Pedro the drill site puppy

43. This is why you close your front door.

44. My chest is nothing more than sleeping space for my birds.

45. I’m told this guy shows up everyday for his free donut

46. A little mud, a little sun…life is good

47. Found our cat on the table, completely out of his mind on catnip.

48. This is MY tail!

49. “I made a Mini-Me!”

50. landowner has a baby coon that he tamed. I decided to feed him a carrot and this is the picture I got