6 Colors That Are Proven to Boost Sales


It has been proven already that colors can influence a lot of things, such as our mood, heart rate, or even the taste of various products. Colors are incredibly important in many fields, and sales rely heavily on picking the right color schemes.

You can switch up colors in the same ad and receive drastically different results, which makes strategic color placement a powerful weapon.

You can find tons of convenient solutions for advertising products and services, such as pre-made banners, custom dimensional signs, and even video clips. But choosing the right color is essential to succeed.


The Effect of Different Colors

Colors can both evoke certain feelings when we see them and trigger us to action. In sales, whether online or offline, specific colors are used to encourage people to buy things, follow links, stay focused until the end of the article, etc. There is a science researching the effects that colors have on our brain, and it is possible to apply this knowledge to achieve certain things. At the same time, one color can make a button more appealing for visitors to click on it or turn them away if used inappropriately. Each color is a double-edged sword, and all of its effects should be taken into consideration. Here are six colors commonly used in sales for various purposes.


Red is a dangerous-looking color, but it also demonstrates power and encourages action. It is commonly used to boost sales with brightly colored “Buy Now” signs, discount adverts, and buttons on sales websites. The red color is more suitable for impulsive purchases, so it will not fit for selling luxury items. However, this is one of the best colors to use for selling products and services overall.


The green color is usually associated with plants, the environment, nature, etc. This color has calming properties, and studies show that it also boosts creativity. Any environmentally friendly or organic product or service can be marketed using green hex codes. This is often a great choice for sale buttons, especially if you think that your clients do not need a more robust call to action like with the red.



The blue color and its hues are used because they are associated with stability and tranquility. Various financial institutions and security services use a lot of blues on their sites and in adverts. While this color is not a direct call to action like red or green, it generally influences our feelings and reduces anxiety, which later leads to well-thought-out purchases and decisions. In case you want to emphasize that your product or service is reliable, it is a great color to incorporate.


This is a royal color that is also associated with wealth and creativity. Many years ago, ordinary people were not allowed to wear purple. But now, this color can be used to enhance sales. Studies show that women enjoy purple a lot, while men do not particularly like it. So, make sure to take this into account when looking at your target audience. This color usually works well if you need to add an accent to the site, especially if it mostly uses blue colors. Also, pay attention to the shade of purple and do not make it more pinkish if your target audience is mixed.


Black is not usually associated with sales and main colors on a website because it is an achromatic color. But in reality, black is used in many luxury brands for setting the mood by adding other accents. If you shop for luxurious watches or high-end cars, you can often see a sophisticated black design. This is because such brands do not need any screaming colors to encourage the clients.


While most people do not particularly like orange, this color works well on simple websites. When orange is used in a website color scheme to accentuate certain elements, this is a nice choice because visitors find it enjoyable. Subscribe buttons, webpage elements, email addresses – all of these things can look good in orange. This color pairs well with both dark and bright colors. However, different color combos work best in specific situations. One of the popular choices is using orange buttons on black background.



Colors are extremely important in sales because they stimulate clients both directly and indirectly. Each color works best with specific website elements, companies, demographics, and more. It is important to evaluate each color based on your specific product and brand. Every color is associated with certain emotions, and you should use it to your advantage. Use blue to convey stability and security, green for calmness and connection with nature, etc. Explore different color combinations to achieve the best result and attract more clients.

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