8 Tips on Hiring the Best Photographer


Via a photograph, you can relive memories, moments in your life, or revisit loved ones who have either grown up or passed on. Photographs are ways we connect with our present world and preserve as best as we can our ever-changing families. They capture the soul through a smile or a glimmer in someone’s eye. They transform the mundane into art. Because photographs are truly magical in many real ways, you never want to leave your photography session to anyone less than the very best.

1. Portfolio

As with any artisan or expert, a qualified individual should be able to show you examples of previous work. When it comes to a photographer, these examples come in the form of a portfolio.

In terms of your photography needs, the portfolio should include photographs similar in type to the ones you need taken. For instance, senior portraits require a certain type of experience, and family shots require another. If you need a photographer for real estate, you should request to see the shots he or she has taken of properties.

2. Friendliness

When you need a photographer, friendliness helps provide some sort of clue about whether or not someone likes his or her job. Liking one’s job becomes important when it requires going out of the way to capture the best shot or helping to deal with complicated shoots.

Additionally, for portraits, a friendly photographer will help make you feel at ease, and it is easier to smile when you are comfortable than when something bothers you about a photographer.

3. Resources

A photographer should have a variety of resources. For instance, certain lenses will help provide a blurred background while others will help zoom in on a subject. Other equipment might involve a green screen if you require photography that will be superimposed over a background. Other resources include 360-degree equipment if you want immersive photography.

4. Emotion

When you are examining work done by a photographer or when you are browsing an online portfolio, you should feel something. This emotion that you feel when looking at previous work is important if you are going to end up feeling something about the photographs he or she provides you.

Ensuring a photographer can convey emotion is an important requirement because it does not matter if a photo is composed properly or lit properly if it does not make you feel anything. Comparatively, a photographer that is able to imbue emotion into his or her work will likely leave you with a photography session that you are proud to display on your walls or share via social media.

5. Payment

The best photographer in the world is of little use if he or she prices his or her work outside of your budget. Similarly, if a photographer comes highly recommended, it might be in your best interest to determine if you can finance a session or pay in installments.

In addition to the overall price, it is important to determine if a photographer charges by the hour or by the shoot. Additionally, you should get the agreement in writing regarding whether certain equipment costs more. For instance, aerial photography via a drone might come with a premium, which could end up being a nasty financial surprise.

6. Additional areas of expertise

Additional areas of expertise might include photographs for court or even wildlife photography. Sports photography is another area of expertise that can translate into great work because sports photography requires a keen eye for detail as well as a quick hand. Finally, sports photography requires high-speed equipment for high-resolution shots of subjects that are running or driving by at extreme speeds.

7. Flexibility

In terms of schedule or location, it is important to find a photographer flexible enough to meet your needs. For instance, a location of primary importance to you might require a photographer to drive a farther distance. Additionally, if you need to shoot according to your family’s schedule, it is important to find a photographer willing to meet your schedule. Finding a flexible photographer will also help you get better work as flexible photographers can also problem solve in demanding situations.

8. Ability to capture a story

One of the most important things you can find is a photographer capable of capturing a story. Whether a shot consists of a single shot or multiple shots, you should feel the story, which will give you the sense that there is a larger world than what is depicted in the picture. A story will resonate with you emotionally, and photographs that tell stories feel more complex and artistic than flat ones that seem posed. Finally, a photograph that tells a story will give you the impression that you know the subject’s history. By looking at the subject, you might get the sense that you understand something not explicitly stated. If you can detect a story in a photographer’s work, you will likely be very happy with the stories displayed in the work he or she processes for you.

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