A Look At Great Ways To Have Fun Online


Let’s take a look at what’s great and what’s not while having fun on any website online.

Be a Virtual Traveller

If you can’t go far don’t worry the entire world is available to view. Take an online tour. Now with museums and art galleries closed, many of the exhibits have been taken online. So, you can peruse through the Louvre in Paris, or walk through the ruins in Rome online, led by guides who know every inch of the paintings and monuments on display.

Art, not your thing? Visit the Great Barrier Reef with Readers’ Digest and their specialist 360-degree online tour. Staying by the sea is about a visit to the Mary Rose; a ship that sank in 1545 at the time of Henry VIII – totally fascinating stuff.

Fashion for the Future

Not interested in history, how about fashion week? The catwalk shows have gone online starting with London fashion week in June, followed closely by New York and Hong Kong. No matter what genre of fashion you love it’s available online. Just check out these best homecoming dress websites for example.

Follow the exploits of Vivianne Westwood the grand dame of fashion. Check out the King’s Road in London in the ’60s and ’70s. Check out the punk rockers, who used the King’s Road as a catwalk.

There are all sorts of other fashion exhibitions available; Biba and Mary Quant have retrospectives, as does the late Alexander McQueen through his documentary on Netflix. 

Let Music be the Food of Love

If you love music there’s no end of musicals and concerts online. The famous Glastonbury Festival has been cancelled this year, but that doesn’t mean you can’t party into the night with legendary sets from Amy Winehouse. Shirley Bassey and Oasis have played the main stage. The great news is you can get the atmosphere without the mud.

Festivals around the world are following suit with streaming of festivals gone by at FIB Benicassim in Spain or Coachella in Indio California, and not forgetting the Burning Man festival in Nevada. The Burning Man may still take place in 2020, but the others are an online experience only.

Join a Choir

If watching the music is not for you and you want to join in, how about an online choir? From Rock choir to classical and everything in between, you can sing your heart out every night; it’s free to join, just Google your nearest choir. It’s a great way to release stress and meet new people at the same time.

Become a YouTube Star

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The natural home to all show-offs is YouTube. If you have an urge to shine, create your own channel and broadcast to the world. Many famous artists had their first gig on YouTube, including Ed Sheeran, Sam Mendes and OneRepublic, and we all know how famous they are now. So why not give it a shot – you just don’t know where it might lead?

Want to do something a bit more sedate, something you can do on your own? Not everyone wants to join in with others; sometimes it’s nice to do a solitary pursuit, so why not join a library? You could also look into taking on photography as a hobby and capture all the moments the every-day life brings to the table.

Join an Online Library

Join an online library. There are free book-lending platforms, audiobooks and, of course, podcasts. Podcasts have become so popular and you can listen to podcasts about anything and from anyone including you.

Making a podcast is easy; with step-by-step instructions available on the web, hours of entertainment are at your fingertips. Here are a few tips in case you decide to make a podcast.

Make a Podcast

Use a name for your podcast that includes the subject you’re talking about. People searching for your subject can find you – something like Cakes and Bakes: we all know what it’s about and that’s the point. Don’t make it too long; 30 minutes is the magic amount of time. Release new episodes once every two weeks: don’t keep your public waiting too long or they will tune out.

There’s no point in recording a great show on bad equipment. It’s worth investigating a good microphone for your computer or laptop. Once you have mastered the sound quality you will need to edit out others’ noise and maybe add music. Again, there are lots of options on the web and lots of them are free to the user.

Finally choose your podcast host, the dedicated home for your work. Unfortunately, you can’t just upload to Spotify or Apple you need a host first. So do your homework and find a host that suits your needs and budget. The host will put it into libraries for you. Just remember, once you’ve started and gained a following you will need to keep talking.

Whatever you decide to do remember if it’s fun, which is why we recommend the togel sgp online gambling website. That’s great, but when the fun stops turn off the laptop and do something else: go for a walk, get some fresh air, just don’t forget to take the podcast with you. 

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