Alamy – A Review

With its database of more than 50 million images, Alamy has been among the leading stock image agencies present in the market. While it provides royalty free licence, it also offers Rights Managed- Exclusive Licence along with Novel Use Licence too. The commission is quite high as they both split each sale into half to each which is quite fair to contributors. With its huge image and video collection, Alamy is still growing rapidly across the world as the best place to sell photos online.

In order to become an Alamy’s contributor, you have to sign up for a completely free account and have to send in 4 photos of different subject matter for review. All of these 4 images must pass Quality Control. Once they are accepted, then you can send as many images as you like and the Quality Control team will only check few sample of images in subsequent submissions. After passing the QC, the entire bunch of images will be accepted. Although, you can only submit photos and illustrations like jpegs, along with video clips. The images must be over 6MP.

One important thing to remember is that when you submit your stock images to Alamy– they shouldn’t be sharpened- this policy is made to retain the original quality of photos so that they may be edited by customers with minimum possible loss of quality.

You can connect and receive payment via PayPal/MoneyBookers, to transfer your money to your bank account

Our verdict

Considering Alamy’s specific business model, there are different types of licences and the pricing is completely different from what other stock image agencies offer. THis may result in lows sales in terms of quantity. But once you sell some images, you will be quite pleased with the reward you receive.So go on and sell your images on Alamy and earn easy money. Don’t forget to mention your experience and views in the comment section below.

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