Aura photography- Understand the sides of the aura colors

Aura Photography

The translation of auras into the physical world is aura photography. We all know that we always are eager to learn ourselves, an understanding of self. Questions like which pop-ups are on our mind now and then or may on some situation such as “Am I falling in love?”, “How will I attract money,” “is my future is bright?” or “what kind of my love life would be?” a skilled reader can tell you about all this by just having a look at your aura portrait. Interesting no? Right?

As you might know, the translation of auras into the physical world is aura photography, and it may easily record and display into a colorful portrait with special equipment. The result images are eye-catching, with a bright halo of color surrounding in dark background. There is more to aura photography as it has become popular in recent years; the sides or your side in pictures tell so much about yourself. Remember, your aura depends on how and what you feel in the moment during the session.

On the left is the energy of the recent past, what you are currently moving on from, and how others perceive you. On the right side are the power of the near future, the energy you are generating for yourself, and the dreamier, imaginative, expressive personality. And the photograph’s center reflects what the person is going through right now and their dreams, goals, and highest aspirations.

How it works.

The answer to the question “how it works” depends on the set-up and an aura camera cause what’s obvious is how you will click an aura photo.

The set-up

The photography requires some types of equipment, including an aura camera, a dark background, and two hand plates. The kits could be expensive, some artists have permanent studios while many build mobile set-up and travel for it and much more, so this takes commitment. In addition, the photography session requires meditation with people because the more relaxed you are, the more colorful your aura would be. So when you touch (as a consumer) the hand plates, it sends information about your energy to the camera, which is called meridian, and then fed into the camera.

Then comes the aura camera

The Aurasma 6000, which is more used nowadays, was introduced by Coggins. As usual, It takes 10 sec to photograph an aura and requires a pretty dark setting with the right light equipment. The Polaroid camera is hooked up to two metal plates. The metal plates function as hand sensors connected to the camera, as when you place your hands on these two metal plates, it feds information about your energy to the camera. Then the corresponding colors of the power surround your figure in a printed Polaroid photograph. The aura camera is box-shaped consists of a Polaroid camera that captures the portraits and prints them.

How to read an aura image.

Once the portrait photograph is processed, the aura photographer reads it and explains its meaning. Just know the processed image can hold a more profound sense, depending on the colors, the location of the colors, and the shapes. The aura photographs are beautiful and specially personalized to hold a special meaning to us.

Understand the sides of the aura colors –

The right side (the picture left) indicates a person’s masculine side, the outward personality of how others see us. It specifies the recent past. If there’s a hole in the image, it indicates loss of some sort, tremendous and abrupt change of some remarkable personal transformation.

The left side, picture right, indicates a person’s feminine or feeling side; the inward personality that feels, accepts, is receptive, and imagines. It specifies the near future. The abundance of color indicates the person’s most attention on their end, while lack of color indicates the person’s dwelling on memories or events.

Above the person’s head, the image’s center represents the person’s recent experiences. If a color arc stretches across the top, it indicates their hopes and goals.

Auras expanding out indicates expressiveness, outward focus, spiritual expansion, desire for connection, and a positive outlook.

Auras closer in indicates inward focus, sensitivity, and desire for solitude, peace, or rest and could even mean expressing a need.

Understand the aura colors-

The colors hold different meanings. Let’s have a look at the following:-

Yellow: joyful, generous, open-minded, optimistic, liberal, enthusiastic.

These people are self-conscious.

Red: passionate, intense, willpower, decisive, action, passion, strength, and new beginnings.

The heavy and dark specify the energy.

Blue: supportive, loyal, trusting, sensitive, intuitive, personal relationships

These people need to be more connected to the outer world.

Orange: creative, independent, excellent people skills, ambitious, confident, adventurous.

Orange energy gets into the water, ocean and is usually found in entrepreneurs or leaders.

Green: peace and goal-oriented, loving, ambitious, connected to nature and people, determined.

These people mostly are the worst enemies of themselves for holding themselves back.

Purple: inspired, playful, unconventional, inspired, intuitive, delightful.

They need to trust in their visions.

White: higher consciousness, energized, destiny, cosmic wisdom, inspiring, wise, protective.

The color interpretation differs depending on different aura photographers.

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