Vivitar ViviCam F526 – A Review

When people are on a lookout to purchase a waterproof camera, they require something which can easily handle their vacations. It may include swimming pool or a beach, along with skiing, camping, and other outdoor activities. For these reasons, people often look for a camera that can withstand abuse. In my experience, I rented a… Continue reading Vivitar ViviCam F526 – A Review

Bell+Howell WP16 Splash2 – A Review

The Bell+Howell WP16 Splash2 is one of the average point-and-shoot cameras along with being a waterproof camera. However, it lacks durability along with different features you may require to capture your adventures. It is only a pool side camera which cannot even handle various abuses.

Polaroid iSO85 – A Review

Most of us like to take selfies when we are on vacation. It is quite a great feeling in holding out a camera and take photos of ourselves and our surroundings. The Polaroid iS085 is a waterproof camera which comes with front-facing LCD monitor which allows you to take beautiful pictures on your different adventures.

Canon PowerShot D30 – A Review

The Canon PowerShot D30 is one of the most durable waterproof camera than can sustain various elements. It can easily work under at a depth of 82 feet. It can work in these depths for up to one hour. Here, we are presenting you few of its best features.

Ricoh WG-4 GPS – A Review

Ricoh WG-4 GPS comes with excellent durability along with all the best features one can expect from any best waterproof camera. It can work in water up to 45 feet deep and can sustain impacts making it crushproof. Mentioned below are few of its best features and characteristics.

Olympus Stylus TG-860 – A Review

When it comes to Olympus Stylus TG line of cameras, they are quite durable when it comes to capturing underwater images. TG-870 is nothing less than expected. It is a good waterproof camera and it provides quite significant features along with rugged exterior and provides the ability to take stunning underwater images.

FujiFilm FinePix XP80 – A Review

The FujiFilm FinePix XP80 is an impressive waterproof camera which can endure a lot. However, it doesn’t feel rugged enough. Its entire case is made up of hard and smooth plastic. Mention below is few of its features and characteristics.

LUMIX WiFi DMC-TS6 – A Review

Many of us like to take snapshots of our favorite memories especially during vacations, parties, travel and lot more. In case you are lurking in the underwater world, then you definitely require a waterproof camera to capture this majestic world along with capturing photos in the swimming pool or during rain.

CanStockPhoto – A Review

Stock photography websites or platforms provide users with a library of creative image content. Users can purchase and download stock images for immediate editorial and commercial use. The different purchase options include a single image download and monthly subscriptions. One of the stock photography websites today is CanStockPhoto. This Canadian owned agency is one of… Continue reading CanStockPhoto – A Review

123RF – A Review

When it comes to royalty free images, the name of 123RF comes to the mind, instantaneously. This microstock platform has over 45 million royalty free images. It provides one of the best platforms for selling photos online.

Nikon D610 Review – full-frame DSLRs

The D610 is one of Nikon’s least costly full-frame DSLRs, and as such, is little more stripped down and rationalized than its peers. Besides this, it gives excellent image quality and some of the prime sensor scores that we have seen. While it has shortfalls in few areas, as in battery life, focus point and… Continue reading Nikon D610 Review – full-frame DSLRs

PhotoShelter – A Review

What is PhotoShelter?

Fotomoto- A Review

Earning money by selling photos online is nothing new. There are many microstock companies like Shutterstock etc. which are selling affordable royalty free images.  Due to various issues related to pricing and hassles associated with sites like these, Fotomoto has provided the alternate solution.

Sony Alpha a99 Review: Professional DSLR

The Alpha a99 is less-bulkier full-frame camera from Sony that’s marketed as a professional DSLR. Although it is not technically a SLR, but it is marketed that way by the company. In fact, the a99 is closer in several ways to a mirrorless interchangeable lens camera, the most notable of which is its lack of… Continue reading Sony Alpha a99 Review: Professional DSLR

Canon EOS 1D X Review – Professional Photography

The EOS-1D X is Canon’s premier DSLR for professional photography. As such, it provides excellent image quality as well as superb performance and design. While there are other cameras that offer better colour depth, dynamic range and low-light performance, the 1D X offers a solid mixes of attributes that help you capture quality photographers in… Continue reading Canon EOS 1D X Review – Professional Photography

Nikon D810 Review – Professional Cameras

Providing you 36.3 megapixels, Nikon’s D810 is the highest resolution professional DSLR on the range of cameras. Although all the cameras have fine resolutions for the majority of applications, higher-resolutions images give you a leeway when you crop or enlarge the pictures. The camera’s sensor gives better performance than any other camera reviewed in the… Continue reading Nikon D810 Review – Professional Cameras

Flickr – A Review

When it comes to fast image upload and sharing feature, Flickr comes up as one of the best places. Within few years, it has gained huge popularity and has become a default choice for millions of users when it comes to the world of images and selling photos online.

Zenfolio – A Review

Zenfolio is not one of the simple and mundane photo hosting web service; it is a great feature-packed photography website building platform that can surely help photographers of different skill level to build their own website for selling photos online and grow their own personal brand in the cyber domain.