Tips for Picking a Camera for Outdoor Photography.

The recent technology has seen a huge variety of cameras in the market making it an overwhelming task to pick the right one. The basic qualities and considerations still hold: like are you willing to carry a little weight for much better quality, do you wish to pick a camera which won’t fail at the… Continue reading Tips for Picking a Camera for Outdoor Photography.

How Easy Is It to Transition from Photography to Videography?

Photography and videography share a number of skill-sets and even equipment. If you have a good camera and the right tools, you may think that you could move from photography to recording video. But how easy is it to transition from photography to videography? And what do you need to do in order to make… Continue reading How Easy Is It to Transition from Photography to Videography?

Drone Photography 101

So you got a new drone – or maybe you are just considering getting one – and you want to know more about it.  Drone photography is one of the newest and fastest growing creative outlets for today’s photographer. And while they can be exciting to use – getting started can be a little intimidating.

The Best Skincare Regimes to Follow before Any Photo Shoot

Prepping up for a Photoshoot? We’ve got you covered! Getting yourself ready for a photo shoot is not as easy as it seems. When it comes to getting clicked closely, the camera can be both, your friend as well as your foe. In this post, we are here to give you a few tips which… Continue reading The Best Skincare Regimes to Follow before Any Photo Shoot

5 Professional Interior Photography Tips

Whether it is for sharing the interior of a property you are selling, showcasing the comfy ambience of your new retail space, or simply sharing your interior to fellow homeowners, making great interior photos can be very important and a craft in itself.

VeePN review

TInternet, in today’s world, is very important for every one of us. Though it gives you the ability to find any information, it is also at the same time leaking your personal information to anything and anyone on the internet. Search engines are tracking your search data and selling it to the online marketing companies… Continue reading VeePN review

Best Sports Action Camera 2019

For an action sports freak, life is like a roller-coaster ride and there are many things and moments to capture and savour for the lifetime. In such a situation, an action camera is the best thing that an action sportsman can have in his kitty.

How to Securely Upload and Store Your Photos Online

Any photo can be a valuable asset. Whether it’s of personal or commercial nature, you should never forget the steps necessary to protect it. While storing your photos locally on your computer is safe, since you’re probably the only one who can access them, uploading them to the web is a different ballgame. Suddenly, privacy,… Continue reading How to Securely Upload and Store Your Photos Online

The Best Way to Showcase Your Photos Professionally

It’s not a secret that visual content marketing is rapidly taking over the Internet. It is considered the best substitute for text-based content. White papers are no longer the key to the digital marketing success; on the other hand visual content is. You should not take our word for it, just have a look at… Continue reading The Best Way to Showcase Your Photos Professionally

Best Ways to Combine Photography and Education

Photography is an exciting activity. Well, I can hardly name something that can be as inspiring and as fulfilling as photography.

How to take the perfect photo for your dating profile

When it comes to online dating, the importance of your profile photo cannot be over-emphasized. In much the same way as an album sleeve or book cover is always designed to be eye-catching, enticing prospective buyers, your main image must always stand out.

5 Best Action Cameras in 2018

These cameras are very popular among sports enthusiasts. More and more companies are trying to develop action cameras with 4K and many extra features. While the GoPro series is one of the most known, this doesn’t mean that other models are not as good as them.

How can photographers earn with affiliate marketing?

The key to running a successful affiliate marketing business is down to choosing the right products to promote. While there is some merit in opting for proven bestsellers, a more recommended approach would be to sign-up to affiliate programs related to a subject matter you have experience of. If you specialise in photography affiliate marketing… Continue reading How can photographers earn with affiliate marketing?

Best Photos of Russian Brides

Russians pay immense attention to weddings. Wedding is always the most remarkable date, especially for the bride. It is a momentous day when women wake up early in the morning with all relatives and closes people around.They get to prepare for a long and exhausting day, full of surprises and happy moments. But how do… Continue reading Best Photos of Russian Brides

4 Mistakes to Avoid when Creating a Photo Essay

A photo essay is a great way to strongly express an argument through pictures with very minimal texts. This is a very popular medium in the social media for advertisers, bloggers or journalists to target their messages to their audience.