Awesome Photos of the Week September 4th to September 10th, 2014

Best friends

Like every week, again we are here with some wonderful clicks of pets. It feels as if the guardians don’t wanna miss a single pose. These pictures will make you do awwww…. wow…..

Hope you’ll enjoy!

Don’t. Wake. The Baby.

My mom strapped my kitten into a Pillow Pet and she fell asleep there.

Claw trap. Touch that belly and you’ll have a permanent kitty attached to your forearm.

My older cat got sick of my kitten trying to play with him so he pinned him down and licked him until he fell asleep

So I thought my buddy was selling hand grenades.

My weird dog family

Nothing like a protective sibling

Met this happy face while biking home.

Who’s there?

He’s not allowed on the counter. Meet Skittles

That’s the kind of selfie I wanna take

So I bought my dogs some bowties

Bro’s for life

Reservoir Cats

Contentment is a sunny window ledge

Incredibly cute hippo born in Sweden yesterday.

lå there and had to borrow money, got into a bit of trouble – our parents were pretty pissed when we got home. 4th-to-september-10th-2014/incredibly-cute-hippo-born-in-sweden-yesterday/” rel=”attachment wp-att-14181″>

Her bacon face

Best friends!

My parents’ new baby. They say black kittens are adopted less frequently because you can’t get a good picture of them…

Best friends

He doesn’t know any other way to sit yet