Bell+Howell WP16 Splash2 – A Review

The Bell+Howell WP16 Splash2 is one of the average point-and-shoot cameras along with being a waterproof camera. However, it lacks durability along with different features you may require to capture your adventures. It is only a pool side camera which cannot even handle various abuses.

In the right shooting environment, it does take good pictures, but the quality is similar as that of a smartphone or any other affordable cameras. It doesn’t have various important features such as image stabilization along with GPS tagging. Mentioned below are few of its features which you may wish to read about.


1. This camera is waterproof, but it can’t stand durability tests. It can only be used in swimming pools, and it can handle only 10 feet depth for an hour. After this, you have to let this camera dry for nearly 10 minutes to start using it again. It isn’t good for snorkeling and other water adventures. This camera is not even shockproof, freezeproof or dustproof.

2. This camera does have the capability to take few good photos, but its 16MP resolution image sensor isn’t among the best. Without interpolation, a process that fills in pixels using mathematical formulas, it has maximum pixels at mere 5 MP., but if you set this camera at its maximum settings, it can produce good images.

3. This camera is also light when it comes to features. It can only film at 720p resolution and doesn’t have any advanced picture effects that you may require before taking any photo. It lacks various standard features such as image stabilization, Wi-Fi connectivity, GPS tagging and panoramic imaging. Its only worth mentioning feature is its smile shutter, which takes a picture only when the subject smiles. It also comes with self-timer.


The Bell+Howell WP16 Splash2 is only a poolside camera and its waterproof features are too weak to take this camera in deep water adventures. It lacks durability which doesn’t make it a good choice while you are on vacation. It does have few features which can be attractive, but they fail to prove that this camera can produce good performance photos along with functionality.

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