Belly Painting Ideas for Moms To Be

Belly Painting - Stars

Pregnancy is one of the special moment of every girl’s life. Every mom-to-be wants to celebrate her pregnancy in unique ways. And belly painting is emerging as a fantastic way of enjoying your pregnancy…

So here is a collection of some beautiful bellies carrying adorable babies… Hope you’ll like them..

Little Bear ( © Scott Hone)

Little Bear

Belly Frog ( © Rich Johnson)

Belly Frog

Henna belly blessing ( © Catana)

Henna belly blessing

keeleigh kevin hicks ( © jenny marquis)

keeleigh kevin hicks

Belly Painting – Stars ( © Christy)

Belly Painting - Stars

Lilly Belly Painting ( © Christy)

Lilly Belly Painting

Butterfly Belly Painting ( © Christy)

Butterfly Belly Painting

Flower Belly Painting ( © Christy)

Flower Belly Painting

Pregnant belly painting ( © Elena)

Pregnant belly painting

Belly Painting ( © Christy)

Belly Painting

Alarm clock belly painting ( © Elena)

Alarm clock belly painting

Belly Bump Painting ( © Christy)

Belly Bump Painting

Peacock Belly Painting ( © Christy)

Peacock Belly Painting

Belly Painting – Blue Ribbon ( © Christy)

Belly Painting - Blue Ribbon

Liz and McKenna ( © J*A*M*I)

Liz and McKenna

Pregnant belly art ( © Elena)

Pregnant belly art

Galleon Rick Smith ( © jenny marquis)

galleon Rick Smith

Morgan W ( © J*A*M*I)

Morgan W

Twins! ( © J*A*M*I)


Bellypaint ( © Reografie)



fruit of my womb ( © Marigold & Steve Haske)

fruit of my womb 2

Spring Belly Painting ( © Linda Schrenk)

Spring Belly Painting

Sleeping Bear ( © Scott Hone)

Sleeping Bear

Mia Orchids ( © Keegan Hitchcock)

Mia Orchids

Pregnant belly with fairy belly paint ( © Lonnie Kæregaard)

Pregnant belly with fairy belly paint

Baby Elvis on a belly ( © Lonnie Kæregaard)

Baby Elvis on a belly

A future surfer.. ( © Julio Angel Victorio)

A future surfer..

Belly Art ( © Kenny Pereira)

Belly Art

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