Best Nature Pictures of the Week August 23rd to 29th 2014

Moeraki Boulders during a stunning sunrise in New Zealand

Nature and its breathtaking beauty! All of us enjoy Beaches, forest, mountains, the part of nature, which keeps on changing and beautifying without human involvement. Nature helps us in throwing out all negative energy and intake positive energy.

So here is collection of eyeful nature pictures for those who like calmness and want to feel relaxed. Hope you’ll get energised.

Beautiful Diablo Lake, Washington

The beautiful island I live on. Skyline Trail in the Cape Breton National Highlands, Nova Scotia

Clear water and white sands of Whitsunday Island, Australia ( © Mitchell Burns)

Sunset from Blackrock Summit, Shenandoah National Park, VA

“Like an oriental painting” – the shores of South Korea ( © Jaewoon U)

A portion of the McKenzie River spills through a keyhole in the trees, in Central Oregon ( © Rick Lundh)

Mountains of Vietnam from a cliff in Paksan, Laos

Lone tree on sunset in Mansfield, Victoria ( © Alex Wise)

Behold beautiful Mount Hood as seen from Chinidere Mountain

Princess Mononoke forest, Yakushima island, Japan

Rainbow at Yellowstone

Yosemite National Park vacation pic

Dawn in the blast zone of Mt. Saint Helens

Moeraki Boulders during a stunning sunrise in New Zealand ( © Chris Smith)

Today is the 98th birthday of the U.S. National Parks

Colorful Landmannalaugar in the highland of Iceland ( © Helga Urbán)

Mount Rundle, Banff ( © Phil)

Glacial Lake Louise. Banff, AB

Bromo volcano. Indonesia

Hanging Lakes, Colorado. One of the most beautiful states in the Union ( © Sasha Juliard)

Trinidad beach, Northern California ( © Patrick Smith)

A perfect summer evening at Lake Pälkäne, Finland

“Monumental” – dawn on the beautiful Monument Valley, AZ/Navajo Nation ( © Aurel Manea)

Mount Longhu, Jiangxi Province, China ( © honglong xia)

The sun sets behind a rock stack at Lake Tahoe

Sunset at Badlands, South Dakota