Best Phots of the Week – January 12th to January 18th

When its come to Beauty- Nature comes first to my mind. I enjoy taking a cup of coffee watching birds, trees and plants around me. So this week we have collection of beautiful nature photography and few macro photography. You’ll see different colors of nature, at one place, in this weeks collection. Hope you’ll love these changing shades of Nature.

1. Festival Of Light ( © Drew Hopper)

Festival Of Light

2. Abandoned ( © Paul Jolicoeur)


3. Japanese Robin ( © FuYi Chen)

Japanese Robin

4. American Kestrel ( © Dave)

American Kestrel

5. Redpoll on catkins ( © barnowlterry)

Redpoll on catkins

6. More Float Homes on Lake Pend Oreille ( © misst.shs)

More Float Homes on Lake Pend Oreille

7. Feeling the warmth ( © Paul)

feeling the warmth

8. Lake Wanaka ( © Karen Plimmer)

Lake Wanaka

9. Tham Lod Cave ( © Drew Hopper)

Tham Lod Cave

10. longing for spring ( © snowshoe hare)

longing for spring

11. Ice rushes ( © Pirjo Lambert)

Ice rushes

12. Calm Steps ( © Jon Parkes Photograph)

Calm Steps

13. Piet Mondrian ( © ersin tozoğlu)

Piet Mondrian

14. Wolfgangsee lake ( © Mohammed Abdo)

wolfgangsee lake

15. Sunset flight ( © Marg)

Sunset flight

16. Marble Rain Drop ( © MrsSarahPierce)

Marble Rain Drop

17. Mid-Winter Bench ( © DGH)

Mid-Winter Bench

18. Dyavolski Most (Devil’s Bridge) ( © Necat ÇETİN)

Dyavolski Most

19. Nevada Roadtripping ( © Dan Hogman)

Nevada Roadtripping

20. Strasburgo – La petite France ( © Jedidi)

Strasburgo - La petite France

21. Ladybird on Icy Nettle ( © Fenwalker1)

Ladybird on Icy Nettle

22. Fishing ( © hamni juni)


23. Secrecy of autumn roads ( © Janek Sedlar)

Secrecy of autumn roads

24. Golden Stag Beetle ( © Jean and Fred Hort)

Golden Stag Beetle

25. Last summer ( © Rune Askeland)

Last summer

26. Liftoff Over Bosque del Apache ( © Jim Radford)

 Liftoff Over Bosque del Apache


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