Best Photography of the Week – November 24th to November 30th


Yellow is the color of sun, light and leaves… This week you will see a collection of pictures with yellow, golden and brown effect. Somewhere light, somewhere leaves and somewhere just a reflection… So here are 22 beautiful pictures for you. Hope you’ll enjoy…

Moulin de CLaira ( © Ben walters)

Moulin de CLaira

DreamShip ( © Sergey Skrylev)


Sleeman-Nick Mares ( © fishwithme55)

Sleeman-Nick Mares

Sunset time ( © robbar74)

Sunset time

The castle ( © Mohammed Abdo)

the castle

6 White Horses ( © Adrian Lines)

6 White Horses

Manhattan Bridge ( © Krzysiek Rabiej)

Manhattan Bridge

Silhouettes a summer night ( © Per Ola Wiberg)

silhouettes a summer night

Rocky Sunset ( © Robert Goulet)

Rocky Sunset

Sunset at Yellow Mountain ( © Jay Z)

Sunset at Yellow Mountain

Kenya ( © Ayman Alkande)


Ruggine, Rust ( © GJ O’Lionnaine)

Ruggine, Rust

Magical Sunset ( © Wouter Ewalts)

Magical Sunset

Secret Sunset ( © Leif Erik Smith)

Secret Sunset

Beautiful Rest ( © Rob Hartley)

Beautiful Rest

Potrait with bokeh of yellow leaves ( © Mira Heo)

Potrait with bokeh of yellow leaves

Winter is Coming ( © Meltem Kara)

Winter is Coming

Last Second… ( © Shai Getzoff)

Last Second

Wells-next-the-sea ( © Steve Docwra)


love autumn ( © tania)

love autumn

Rocks ( © robbar74)


Danger ( © Lukas Zischke)


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