Best Photography of the Week – September 22th to September 28th


The beauty of Nature, caught in cameras… Here are this weeks breathtaking photography with some amazing clicks of plants, animals, the landscape.. Hope you’ll like the variety.

The red tree ( © Maratti Z)

The red tree

Brick world ( © Gitta Sladič)

Brick world

add colors*** ( © Lincoln Harrison)

add colors***

Sun light ( © Eason Lin.Ladaga)

Sun light

Early Teton Fall Snow ( © Jerry Patterson)

Early Teton Fall Snow

Valletta’s balconies. ( © Marius Roman)

Valletta's balconies.

PORTSCAPE ( © art-ditz photography)


Fishing ( © qing yue)


The jump ( © Stefano Ronchi)

The jump

Sleeping Beauty ( © SIJANTO NATURE)

Sleeping Beauty

Puerto deportivo Pasito Blanco ( © Juan Francisco)

Puerto deportivo Pasito Blanco

équinoxe d’automne ( © Ilona)

équinoxe d'automne

Sveppir .Explore ( © Amg80)

Sveppir .Explore

Peek-A-Boo ( © William Mercer)


Failure to Launch ( © Jack Deem)

Failure to Launch

go ride the wind ( © Lamson)

go ride the wind

Mr. Red ( © Max Rinaldi)

Mr. Red

My Secret World ( © Kilian Schönberger)

My Secret World

Bear Family in Finland ( © Hans Rentsch)

Bear Family in Finland

So close, so far. ( © Victoria Soderstrom)

So close, so far.

Autumn Blooms ! ( © Reid)

Autumn Blooms !

Magic hour ( © Iván Maigua)

Magic hour

Balea Lake ( © Tony Goran)

Balea Lake

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