Best Tips For Photographing Babies

If you’ve recently become a parent or are planning to bring a baby into the family soon, you’ll want to save the precious memories for as long as possible, and photography is the best way to do it. Luckily, you don’t need to be a professional photographer to take perfect photos of your babies. Just use our helpful tips and find your new camera and all necessary photo equipment on Jiji – – where you can make deals with the leading sellers from all over Nigeria and save money on essential purchases.

Prepare your model

In order for your baby to enjoy the photoshoot as much as you do, make sure it’s perfectly comfortable. The best time to take pictures is half an hour after you’ve fed the baby. Check and change the diaper, if necessary, and choose clothes that aren’t too tight, too warm, or simply uncomfortable. If the baby has fallen asleep after the feeding, don’t wake it up – just postpone the shoot until it wakes up naturally or take photos of the baby sleeping instead.

Choose the best light

baby photography best light

Lighting is crucial for photography, and choosing the right lighting scheme for your baby photos is a surefire recipe for success. Forget about the flash settings on your camera – in most cases they create an unnatural look that isn’t great for baby photography. Instead you can use the patch of light coming through the window or glass door: simply put a blanket and your little one on the floor in front of the light source and start shooting!

Think about the background

baby photography background

The background is one of the features that separates professional photos from amateur ones. Home photos of babies often have cluttered backgrounds that spoil the impression from the cuteness of the baby. Your solution is to use a simple DIY backdrop. It can be a plain white sheet thrown on the floor, a patterned comforter on the sofa, or a themed backdrop if you’re doing a photoshoot for Christmas, the baby’s birthday, or any other holiday.

Be quick

baby photography 4

Babies are very unpredictable and their behavior and facial expressions change very often. That is why you shouldn’t wait for them to strike a perfect pose; instead you need to take as many photos as possible, and one of the hundreds of pictures you take in a single shoot is guaranteed to be what you aimed for. Choose a camera or setting with a continuous shooting mode to be sure not to miss any precious moments.

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