5 Black and White Photography Tips for Photographers in You

Black and White Photography Tips

Photography is fun, but when it’s done correctly it becomes cool and today Cool Digital Photography brings you the most cherished and the eldest form of photography technique with some highly relevant tips.

In this article, you will see five basic black and white photography tips that will give you a chance to take your photography to the next level. You don´t have to only do photography, you can do videos too, if you don´t know how, don´t worry. With the awesome video production Sydney, they will teach you how produce videos of every kind and make them pretty cool. Now lets get back to photography.

5 Tips on Black and White Photography

1. Take a picture in RAW

Most of us take pictures in jpeg because of many reasons like its a standard format, and no special software is required to read the files, the data can be compressed, and the file size is comparatively small.

On the other hand, RAW is uncompressed, takes more storage space and require special software to read the file and process afterward. But the quality of the image is unmatchable.

As when you are taking black and white picture in Raw, the camera records every information including colors and display black and white result on your LCD

Many professionals don’t prefer RAW because of two primary reasons, either they don’t know how to shoot in Raw, or they don’t have time to process the image.

Dog (© Colin Reid)
Image Source: 500px

2. Take a colored Picture

If your camera doesn’t allow you to shoot in Raw, you can go for a colored image in Jpeg. You can converse this colored image to black and white on your computer using software such as Photoshop (which is paid) or you can go with free graphic design software which can produce similar results.

3. Lower the ISO number

Make sure you keep low ISO number, as higher ISO number increase the sensitively and add grain to the image. Most of us consider it in colored photography, and it is equally important in black and white photography also.
If you want to add noise you can add later on. As once added it’s not easy to remove noise.

4. Right time to shoot

Many photographers prefer dark and gloomy day for outdoor black and white photography. So when you find a day with low sunlight, go for black and white photography.

The violinist (© Francesco Dondossola)
Image Source: 500px

5. Frame Shot

In black and white photography you have to focus on the shapes, textures, shadows, highlights. As, there are no colors to lead, like in colored photography, to frame a perfect shot in black and white photography – shapes and shadows are highlighted.

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That’s all for now, we will be updating these tips as it requires and when it requires. Do tell us your views on how to improve photography by commenting below.

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