5 Cool Tips and tricks for Fantastic Bubble Photography


Photographing a bubble or with the bubble is a fantastic project. Bubble in itself is a beautiful subject for taking many creative clicks. As our subject is not static, we may get worried before taking the pictures, but it is not required.

Just follow the following tips and get right clicks.

1. Perfect Time
The Natural light works best, so take the shots either early morning or just before sunset.
2. Dark background
Taking pictures in the evening will give you dark background which helps in bringing out the colors of the bubble.
3. Choose a day
Select a day when the air is still so that your subject gives you proper time and moment for photography. Avoid hot and dry days.
4. Use Manual Focus
The auto focus sometimes does not work correctly. So try to use manual focus if possible.
5. Try new Bubble formulas
Keep on trying new formulas they may give different colors and last longer. You can also add glycerin to bubble formula for making it stronger.

Try some of these Bubble Photography Ideas for Incredible Results
Take a shot with reflection on the bubble.
Take a shot the moment bubble pops.
Make a Bubble Art.
liquid art
Bubble in monochrome.
Dancing with dancing bubble.
Dancing with dancing bubble
Try different shapes and shades.
Different shapes and shades
Bubble shock
Bubble Shock
Photograph some bubbles within a bubble.
bubbles within bubble
Try Bubble in a bubble with a similar reflection.
Bubble in bubble
Get Reflections from the garden greenery and flowers.
reflections from the garden greenery and flowers
Frozen bubble in sunlight.

Frozen bubble in sunlightvia

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