57 Beautiful Butterfly Pictures

Beautiful Butterfly Pictures

Butterfly, a brightly coloured insect that has the capability to get anyones attention.The way they take their flight, have nectar from flower, I just love watching them as they brings joy and happiness. Here are 65 lovely Butterfly Pictures for you to bring smile on your face and make your day.

You got to hold it TIGHT…

You can have as many colors as you want

Butterfly captured in a close up

When it’s a yellow color day and you have to be all YELLOW YELLOW

A perfect pose by a BUTTERFLY

When you got colors of heaven

Beautiful butterfly

Got wings like STRINGS…

Butterfly shining like a STAR..

When you love flowers more than anything

Butterfly got this velvety look

When you get the perfect PORTRAIT

When colors of flower contrast perfectly with your body


This butterfly got the perfect lines…

Black butterfly looking so fascinating

When you got to flaunt the beautiful colors you have

When you get to know that there are many other flavors than flowers

WOAH!!! That’s the first word came into my mind

Posing like, when you are ready for a FLIGHT

Beauty with contrasting colors

Butterflies hanging out..

Got the perfect texture

I’m constantly starring this BEAUTY ! ARE YOU?


Am i the only one DROOLING

When you got a small place and got to stand still..


Looking the world upside down

Lavender flowers with a butterfly

White dots on black feathers

When you love the human hand

Matching with the flower

Highlighted beautifully



Textured so magnificently

Landed perfectly

Monochromatic Butterfly

BUTTERFLIES getting for a party

Shades getting mix and match


Butterflies getting along

OOO… A danger butterfly

wings getting LARGER AND LARGER

Looking like a TACO BELL


Brown butterfly laying on grass

Butterfly Sucking nectar from the flower

A butterfly saying, No capture me first..

Resting on a leaf

Yellow yellow dirty fellow

Getting greener day by day

A furry butterfly

Is this even REAL…

Black beauty

Shaded butterfly

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