Cake Photography – Tips and Tricks

cake photography tips and tricks

Looking to spice up your cake photography techniques, find seven exclusive tips and tricks that we curated from best photographers around the world.

Cakes are one of the most important ingredients of happiness in the lives of people. Be it birthdays, or anniversaries, cakes are always welcomed. Be it housewarming parties or any other occasion that you wish to celebrate. Cakes are the best ways to add a tinge of excitement and flavours to your actual life. With this importance of cakes, it becomes essential to realize that these days the people are becoming very keen to photograph every happy moment of their lives. In such situations, they also tend to picture the cake so that they can upload it on social media or save it in their folder forever.

Quick tips to cake photography

cake photography

Just like every object has a different requirement of getting photographed, the cakes also have certain requirements that should be ideally fulfilled before we click their pictures. This article tries to summarise the factor we should keep in mind while taking pictures of our cakes. These factors have been summarised as follows:

Take a focussed Lens

cake focus

Taking a high definition image of the cake is very much required these days. You need to take a camera which has a very focused lens. This is very essential in the long run to get clear images of your cake. Try to use a wide lens for greater coverage.

Check the Background Color

cake background

Many times there may be situations, in which the colour of the cake gets merged with the colour of the background. This creates a very bad effect as the cake, which was to be the focus of the entire image, gets lost due to unwanted stuff. In such situations, either try to get the picture of the cake only. And if it is not possible, then a curtain of an opposite contrast should be put in so that the demarcation is maintained.

Adjust the Lights against the Candles

cake while blowing candles

You might have witnessed that whenever you try to click a photograph of a cake with blowing candles on them, the light of the candle works against the light of the lens and thereby spoils the entire image. In such situations, there is a need to provide for the fact that the lens is properly adjusted till the time such an explosion is not cured. You may adjust the light around you for the best results.

Feature the Cake stand as well

cake stand

These days various kinds of beautiful cake stands are available in the marketplace at very reasonable and competitive pricing. Therefore while you click the photograph of the cake, make sure that you include this cake as well for giving an aesthetic look to the entire picture. The cake stand is very helpful in the long run. At the same time, the cake stand is sufficient enough to provide a wider Coverage to the cake.

Decorate The Cake

decorate cake

Before you picture the cake, make sure that you have decorated the same cake in the best possible manner. Also, attempt to use bright colours and sprinkles on the cake. These elements increase the beauty of the cake to the maximum possible extent. Also, you must consider giving your cake a high rise position so that the entire decor.

Pick your props carefully

cake photography props

Your choice of props can never be spontaneous when it comes to taking pictures of food. With the other elements in the graphic, they should be coherent. And in the structure of your visual narrative, they should make sense.

It makes sense to put a knife in your story about a cake. But it’s not the best option if the blade doesn’t look sharp enough to break through the butter. The same goes for putting your shot with a pair of botanical scissors. On Pinterest, you can see a lot of these sorts of shots. If you’re not going to cut something with your shot, so don’t bring it in there.

Select the right angle

cakes right angle

For your cake shooting, there is no all-around “best” camera angle. The best angle is always the one that brings out the subject’s attributes. What could work well with one photo, for another, won’t get you the best results?

Remember the cake you’re taking before picking up your camera. Decide the angle of the camera brings out the best features and fits the story you want to tell. Frosted cakes with layers, in general, look better shot straight. You emphasize the layers and height of the cake this way. A three-quarter shot could work nicely if the swirls of icing are the target.

Read about the Styling Tips for Latest Trends around Cake Photography

cake slices

You have to focus on lighting and angles to get the best shots if you have to deal on a cake that you did not bake. But if you are there to improve your topic during the preparation of the cake, you can add a few food styling tricks. Take inspiration from this article on NatGeo, where you will find delicious photos from different cuisines.

To make the slice look higher, if you photograph a slice of cake, you should put additional layers of cardboard between the layers. Cut out a little thinner than the cake slice but the same shape.

Place it and cover it with frosting in two layers. To get rid of the excess frosting on the sides, pay heed. The slice must have a realistic appearance.


These are the points that you must keep in mind when it comes to planning for cake photography. Be it any occasion the cakes form one of the most important parts of the ceremony and need to be clicked properly.

Also, if you have a business for cakes, then it is recommended to hire the best photographer to get the best outcomes from the pictures clicked. Photography of a cake can be a lot of fun. Learning to take amazing shots takes a bit of practice. Yet you can see progress over time.

You should take some stunning pictures of your amazing works with the right props and a touch of preparation for your composition and lighting.

And note, if after many experiments anything is not working, fix it! Until you get better results, try a different perspective, light, or composition!

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