Canon PowerShot D30 – A Review

The Canon PowerShot D30 is one of the most durable waterproof camera than can sustain various elements. It can easily work under at a depth of 82 feet. It can work in these depths for up to one hour. Here, we are presenting you few of its best features.


1. This camera is quite durable which can easily handle deep water. No matter whatever you are doing, whether it is skiing or snowboarding, you can just pull out this camera and take impressive pictures. It can withstand temperature up to 14 degrees Fahrenheit. This camera is quite shockproof and can easily handle drop from height of up to 6.4 feet. It is dustproof too, that enables you to shoot in desert. This camera can easily manage tough environment and provide best pictures.

2. This camera produce good quality images with vibrant colors. Its underwater flash brings out bright and clear images. Sometimes, the images are specifically violet and orange on the left side. Also, it lacks details while zooming in. However, the color saturation offered is quite impressive.

3. On conducting dry-land picture testing, it took good images of test scene with controlled lighting environment. Although, it does produce noticeable gran when you zoom in on the color box which is a small turnoff. The color bleed was quite noticeable and it provides on 12.1 MP resolution which is quite low, and results in less sharp images when you zoom in.

4. This camera does a good job when it comes to displaying gray, white and black squares across the test image. This camera can do white balancing quite easily and separates these neutral colors providing sharp images.

5. This camera comes with features like face detection, GPS for photo geo-tagging, image stabilization and also performs 1080p video recording. However, this camera doesn’t have Wi-Fi functionality which makes it tough to upload photos via your smart devices.

6. When it comes to its interface and navigation, it is quite confusing. The camera parameters aren’t positioned within one menu. There are various menus for variety of parameters which can easily frustrate any user.

Pros –

1. It can easily work under 82 feet deep water.

2. It comes with geo-tagging that allows you to store the image location along with other detail.

3. It can sustain drop from 6.5 feet height.

Cons –

1. It offers only 12.1 MP resolution which is quite low when compared to 16 MP resolution offered by other cameras in this class.


The Canon PowerShot D30 is among the best durable cameras available in the market. It can easily handle dust, shocks and deep water along with cold temperatures. It takes great pictures at these extreme conditions however, it only has 12.1 MP resolution which is quite low. This provides less sharp images although color saturation is above average.

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