23 Distinct Christmas Decorations

Merry Christmas!

In this festive season we have bought many different things for you, specially for Christmas. Here is a mixed bag of 23 Distinct Christmas Decorations which includes a decorated house, church, gift bags and many decorative items. I’m sure you’ll like these bright and wonderful clicks…

Let the fun begin.. ( © Magda indigo)

Let the fun begin..

Christmas House. . . ( © Sonny Hamauchi)

Christmas House

Peacock Ornaments ( © Laura Bellamy)

Peacock Ornaments

The Colours of Christmas ( © Magda indigo)

The Colours of Christmas

Meet the Griswolds ( © Chris Lockwood)

Meet the Griswolds

Tree decorations for Christmas ( © Magda indigo)

Tree decorations for Christmas

Christmas Bells ( © Alan Whitehead)

Christmas Bells

Season’s Greetings ( © Mark Longo)

Season's Greetings

Decorated for Christmas ( © Joe Routon)

Decorated for Christmas

An Early Gift Under the Tree ( © Troy Marcy)

An Early Gift Under the Tree

Christmas decorations ( © Anti-Pati-ya Anti-Pati-ya)

Christmas decorations

Christmas bag with decorations on a wooden table ( © Irina Shomova)

Christmas bag with decorations on a wooden table

Factory for Christmas decorations ( © Roman Rafaj)

Factory for Christmas decorations

Baubles and Candle ( © Ian Mitchell)

Baubles and Candle

Decoration on Christmas ( © Tyler Brockett)

Decoration on Christmas

Bokeh Christmas ( © Kirk-Anthony Wignall)

Bokeh Christmas

Christmas mood… ( © Oxsana Saranova)

Christmas mood

Let The Bells Ring ( © blast bm)

Let The Bells Ring

Festive Season ( © Natalia Lisovskaya)

Festive Season

Festival of Trees ( © Laura Bellamy)

Festival of Trees

In the middle of the tree ( © Andre Senna)

In the middle of the tree

Hello! Santa ( © John Velocci)

Hello Santa

Merry Christmas! ( © Nina’s clicks)

Merry Christmas!

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