41 Cute Baby Elephants Pictures and Videos

Cute baby elephants

Baby Elephants are damn cute; they are so adorable that you cannot afford to miss them doing things they do. Here is a tribute to World Elephants Day from Cool Digital Photography.

Recently, a Loboito the baby elephant and a one-month-old baby giraffe was rescued and now these two adorable babies are the best of friends.

Cute Baby Elephant Pictures

Amazing shot of baby elephant

Cute baby

Just showing off my trunk

Black and white

Blacky blacky

I got big ears

Furr baby

I need some privacy

Naive elephant

My mom is gonna protect me

Watch me

I love playing in mud

Water water…

I need to get out..

I know iam attractive

Look at my small tooth

I am getting bigger

It’s my home

In the fields

Baby playing in the sand

Come faster

I’m thirsty

Cross the path

You can always watch me playing in mud

It’s my mama

Meet my friend

Ahh.. don’t push me mama

Ears are too big for this cute face


My trunk..

I can hold the grass in my trunk

In the land of sand


You have to be quick

My trunk saying.. holaa


I like to get dirty..

I can twist my trunk

We got into a fight

Wiggle wiggle

Mud is life

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