100 Dark Wallpapers That Will Actually Make Your Life Better

One of my favorite colors is black, not because its morbid or macabre, but it’s gothic. In this article you will find some excellent dark wallpapers that will make your life better. It gives the feeling of being tough and strong. It also has emotions attached to it. And I always look for inspiring backgrounds that inspire me in any way, This time I found the dark ones, which are breathtaking.

Here in this post, you will find hundred most popular and enthralling dark wallpapers of all time.

You will see the hard work of graphic designers that have been put into these excellent gothic wallpapers, I hope you will like them and set them as your desktop wallpaper; it will inspire you for graphic work.

1. Deliverance.

2. A Dark Starry Night Wallpaper

3. Black Cat Dark Room

4. Backgrounds

5. The Rise of a Planet II

6. Exodus

7. A Flying Tree

8. When Will It Stop?

9. Black Background

10. Bavaria

11. Winter Wallpaper

12. XP black wallpaper

13. Burberry Black Label Wallpaper

14. Black Floral

15. Waiting for the next day

16. Space Lighthouse

17. The Devils Badroom

18. Aurora Wallpaper

19. Black+White Theme Wallpaper

20. Gyllenhall computer generated

21. Kitsune Noir.

22. A Dark Day wallpaper

23. Blackcat

24. Black Background Set

25. Sky waves  Beautiful Sunset

26. Mystery Face.

27. AEnema

28. Reflection Wallpaper 2

29. Minimal Gray

30. Forest trees scenery fog dark forest night

31. The Truth

32. Alone in the Dark wallpaper

33. Dark Forest