Dreamstime – A Review

With over 15 million royalty free images, Dreamstime is considered another great platform for buying and selling photos online. It can be purchased either on a subscription basis or on an individual basis.

Since the minimum payment consists as low as $9.99, almost any person can afford the single purchase of photos at Dreamstime. This also makes it an excellent choice for small businesses which don’t need a lot of images. The payment is transferred as your balance as 8 credits which can then be spent within a single year from the payment date. The photos that are priced from 1 credit in case of small-scale versions are good enough for websites’ posts and blogs. Medium and large size images can be purchased for bare 3 to 5 credits.

Unfortunately, most of the images in the Dreamstime gallery can’t be purchased for 1 credit as prices of popular photos tend to increase. AN image which was once sold for 1 credit will be priced at 3 credits when it gets downloaded 5 times by different buyers. It will further increase to 5 to 7 credits if it gets downloaded 20 to 50 times, respectively. The upper limit price of a small-scale image- 9 credits is set only when it has been downloaded 100 times.

In the case of vector images, they can be either purchased in JPEG or vector AI/EPS formats. In the case of Bitmap versions of these vector images, they are priced just as regular images, while the vector files can be bought for over 12 -34 credits.

People who are more interested in subscription plans will be certainly surprised with Dreamstime fees. With traditional “surplus of $200” subscription plans which includes 750 images, Dreamstime also offers a monthly subscription plan for just only $128.99, which also allows to download around 300 royalty free photos (daily limit is set to be 10) where each photo priced from $0.43, which also includes large-scale images. This plan is a perfect choice for those who need more than single purchases and also feels like 750 images are way more than what they require.

Dreamstime also offers customers many weekly subscription plans – from $44.99 to $139.99 per week. These short-term packages also allow people to use subscription in a more economical way than they do in traditional monthly based plans. It is also useful for those customers who generally need a subscription for a short period of time.

Dreamstime also offers its customers with two options, which none of its competitors provides. The first is the availability of RAW-files for images and the second is the copyright buyout. This means that any particular image will not be sold to any other user except you. One should keep in mind that it is available from $250 plans and it is not applicable to all files.

So, in case you are looking out for great images with flexible subscription plans, then Dreamstime is the one that we recommend to you. In case you use it, then don’t forget to share your experience with us. Do mention your views and suggestions in the comment section below.

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