Exciting Faces of Holi Festival of Colours

If our life is so colourful then why not our faces. Well! I am talking about one of the famous colourful festivals of India – Holi, celebrated every year with great joy, happiness, and togetherness and in a similar way it is going to be celebrated on 23rd of March this year( 2016).

Holi is a festival where people play with beautiful bright colours and spread smiles all over. People also add these pleasant memories to their life by capturing their coloured face reflecting how colourful and beautiful life is!
Here is a collection of wonderful shades of life especially for you!

Colours of India by Balaji Maheshwar

Colours of India
Image Source: 1x

Holi 2014 by Khondoker Md. Razequl Islam

Holi 2014
Image Source: 1x

Holi kolkata india by Abhijit Nayak

Holi kolkata india
Image Source: 500px

Indian Colour Festival Portrait by Pharaoh Photography

Indian Color Festival Portrai
Image Source: 500px

HOLI by rakesh yadav

Indian Color Festival Portrai
Image Source: 500px

Joy by Asher Krell

Image Source: 500px

Happy at Holi by Jassi Oberai

Happy at Holi
Image Source: 500px

Colour Palette by Rudra Mandal

Color Palette
Image Source: 500px

Beautiful Holi Face by Alexander Safronov

Beautiful Holi Face
Image Source: 500px

VIBGYOR by Nippun Goyal

Image Source: 500px

Holi by Vysakh Karthikeyan

Holi by Vysakh Karthikeyan
Image Source: 500px

Holi joy by Omer Azziz

Holi joy
Image Source: 500px

Color by Mihnea Radulescu

Image Source: 500px

Holi -the festival of colors by Pankaj Anand

Holi -the festival of colors
Image Source: 500px

Holi Face by Jordan

Holi Face
Image Source: Imgur

Happy Holi by Jordan

Happy Holi
Image Source: Imgur

Holi Festival Face by Thahnan Ferdous

Holi Festival Face
Image Source: Flickr

Turn Up The Colors And Let’s Smile For A Beat by Lotus Carroll

Turn Up The Colors And Let's Smile For A Beat
Image Source: Flickr

Holi Portrait by Man Ray

Holi Portrait
Image Source: Flickr

The curiousity of colors by Kazi Sudipto

The curiousity of colors
Image Source: Flickr

Holi Hain: A feast of colors by Neerod

holi hain
Image Source: Flickr


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