50 Most Famous Portraits of All Time

Taking a portrait photo has always been both, a hard and easy task, as it depends upon several factors. But, if you see photos that are famous in history you will surely say they are pretty easy.

But, in real it takes good amount of work which defines a portrait to be renowned, apart from those angles, all famous portraits below are uncommon. Basic things like – lighting, intense eye to eye contact and a much more needed confidence to ask a person for a portrait shot is not easy at all.

In this article we, showcase the most famous portraits that stunned so many people at once. This list contains some of the most historical brilliance and flavour of past decades. We hope you enjoy this collection.

1.  Afghan Girl

2. Yousuf Karsh


3. Diane Arbus


4. Buzz Aldrin


5. Man Ray


6. Eve Arnold


7. Muhammad Ali

8. Dorothea Lange

9. Richard Avedon


10. Woody Allen

11. Joe McNally


12. Cecil Beaton


13. Marie Antoinette

14. Steve McCurry


15.Phillipe Halsman


16. Joan of Arc

17. Annie Leibovitz


18. Gertrude Käsebier


19. Lance Armstrong

20. Gregory Heisler


21. Antonin Kratochvil


22. Louis Armstrong

23. Peter Hurley


24. Mary-Ellen Mark


25. Neil Armstrong

26. Angus McBean


27. Fred Astaire

28. Herb Ritts


29. Ludwig van Beethoven

30. Francesco Scavullo


31. Alexander Graham Bell

32. Cindy Sherman


33. Marlon Brando

34. Humphrey Bogart

35. Napoleon Bonaparte

36. Bono

37. Al Capone

38. Fidel Castro

39. Charlie Chaplin

40. Jesus Christ

41. Winston Churchill

42. Kurt Cobain

43. Christopher Columbus

44. Marie Curie

45. His Holiness The 14th Dalai Lama

46. Salvador Dali

47. Leonardo Da Vinci

48. Charles Darwin

49. Bette Davis

50. Miles Davis