Flickr – A Review

When it comes to fast image upload and sharing feature, Flickr comes up as one of the best places. Within few years, it has gained huge popularity and has become a default choice for millions of users when it comes to the world of images and selling photos online.


No matter if you are using a smartphone or a PC, you can easily upload images onto the Flickr Image hosting site to store them for future use. This site also offers you a better method for distributing your images to clients along with freeing device storage space.

Those who need extra storage space for their photos, this platform provides its user one terabyte of drive space for free. This humongous amount of space to store a variety of graphic sizes and resolutions. In place of filling your PC’s hard drive, or your smartphone’s memory, you can upload your photos to store them safely for both, public and private use.

It is quite easy to register for this service. In case you have Facebook or Yahoo account, then you are just one-click your way into the platform every time you wish to use the site. As long as you are logged into any of these social media profiles, you can always click the corresponding link which will, in turn, takes you directly to your account.

Flickr also has a strong community support system which allows other to view and comment along with marking as favorite public images you select to share. In case you find something you would like to share on your other social media profiles, Flicker can automatically post to some of the most famous sites like Facebook, Pinterest, etc. along with providing you with the direct web link to the particular image for additional distribution.

In case you are interested in seeing specific areas that users have uploaded photographs from, Flickr consists a map available for images that users have tagged with the corresponding geographical location. This can provide a wonderful way to share your experiences with other people who are also interested in that particular locale.

Platforms and synchronization

This platform is a web-based application which provides almost all devices which are capable of accessing the Internet to utilize this site. There are mobile apps also available for Android and iOS devices.

Compared to similar apps

One of the most prominent aspects of Flickr is the huge amount of disk drive space which is available for its users to save their images. Since cameras and high-resolution smartphone can take a brilliant detailed image, more storage space is required to store these images.

Pricing and license

Signing up for a Flicker account is free, and it doesn’t require any subscription plans or registration fees to use one terabyte worth of storage. In case you want an Ad-Free Flickr account, then the fee is $49.99 per year. Pro accounts with unlimited storage are no longer offered by Flickr.


Flickr is quite famous and powerful image hosting service which has a huge number of the user following. With one terabyte storage space to each user, it is not completely impossible to fill your space which can only happen if you regularly upload highly detailed photos. Since the service is completely free and provides the link to your other social media profile, Flickr is the favorite among other image sharing websites.

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