31 Fun Food Art for Kids

Is your kid also fussy when its food time??
Don’t worry because every problem has a solution. Hi Mommy’s! I am Manpreet and here I’m sharing some attractive and nutritious plates of fun food for kids.

When we were kids we also love plates of fun food decorated with love by our moms. At that time even though the attractive food choices were less, by moms still use to make it a lot of times.
So what are you waiting for pick up your favourite plate and start decorating… Remember the very first ingredient is love.

Goldfish Food Art

Fun food art for kids creative sandwich like a goldfish using bread, banana, kiwi and oranges.

Gold fish food art

Funny sandwiches for children

Animal shaped sandwich like a frog with bread bun vegetable and sausage.

funny sandwiches for children

Cute little owls food art

Fun food for kids – cute little owls shaped sandwiches or toasts with sausages and eggs.

cute little owls food art

Bird special food art

Love Birds sandwich from pancake with cream and strawberry – kids funny breakfast.

bird special food art

Healthy food for kids

Cute smiling crab made of fresh fruits – apple, strawberry, blueberries and fresh mint – for a healthy breakfast with milk and biscuits.

healthy food for kids

Pancake food art

Pancakes with berries for kids.

pancakes food art

Lion food art

Lion pancakes with tangerines, breakfast food art.

lion food art for kids

Fish food art

Fish shape vegetable patties or Cakes with Vegetables.

fish shape food art

Ballerina Pig – Food art

cute smiling ballerina pig made of a ham hamburger garnished with with broccoli florets, sweet corn and cheese flowers. Healthy dinner for children.

ballerina pig food art

Funny Girl Food Face

Funny Girl Food Face with Cutlet, Pasta and Vegetables.

funny girl food face

Healthy Soup Art

Funny healthy soup with spinach for children.

healthy soup art

Rocket and stars

Funny sandwich with rocket and stars, meal for kids idea.

rocket and stars food art

Cute Smiling Clown – food art

cute smiling clown face on a meat hamburger or ground meat pattie with green beans for a healthy dinner for children.

smiling clown fun food art

Strawberry flower fun food for kids

Healthy Strawberry flower from waffle, strawberries and kiwi – fun food for kids. Here, waffle can be replaced with strawberry cake.

fun food for kids

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Fun with Panda shaped food art

Homemade vegetarian meal of Japanese style with fresh ingredients and farm produce.

panda shape rice food art

Healthy Car Kids food art

car from rice, sandwich and fresh fruits and vegetables.

healthy car for kids

Cat and mouse healthy lunch

Cat and mouse healthy lunch from cheese sandwich, boiled egg, grapes and carrot. A healthy breakfast in a fun way 🙂

cat and mouse healthy lunch

Creative baby breakfast

Creative breakfast cheesecakes or vegetable cutlets with strawberry for your little one.

creative baby food art

Birds in Nest

Funny spaghetti with meatballs for kids. Birds in nests.

birds in the nest food art

Funny Sheep Food Art

Fried rice and burger lunch for kids look like funny sheep.

funny sheep food art

Funny Bowls for kids

Funny bowls with oat porridge with cat, dog and mouse faces made of fruits and berries, food for kids idea.

funny bowls for kids

Easter Food for kids

Easter food – traditional Easter salad shaped hen decorated with egg yolk, color pepper and parsley.

fun food for kids

Funny sheep fruit art

Funny sheep shape snack for kids. Simple but attractive and healthy food art.

sheep fruit art

Food for Breakfast

Bunny rabbit porridge oatmeal breakfast.

kids food for breakfast

Bunny Lunch for kids

Easter Bunny lunch, fun food art for kids.

bunny lunch for kids

Fun Food Art Idea for Kids Breakfast

Toast with sugar and berry fruit in the form of a hummingbird on a flower.

kids breakfast

Fun Cinnamon roll for kids

Cinnamon roll with banana look like a snail.

fun cinnamon roll for kids

Funny toast in a shape of fish

Sandwich with cream cheese and berries.

funny toast in shape of fish

Healthy kid food

A fish shaped sandwich with vegetables.

healthy kid food

Cute smiling faces for Breakfast

Smiling faces on sweet pancakes for breakfast with bananas, fresh blueberries and blackberries.

Smiling face for breakfast

Smiley frog food art

Healthy and fun food for kids, smiley frog.

Smiley frog food art

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