Fotolia – A Review

Fotolia has one of the largest stock image collection in the world. With more than 19.2 million images (royalty-free) for sale, it is the top place in microstock. On this platform, you can sell your photos online.

It provides its customers with two buying options: Single Purchase and Subscription Purchase. In Single Purchase of images is based on credits where one credit price may vary from $0.75 to $1.20 depending on the size of credit package.

The minimum account refill which is required to do single purchase amounts to $12, which are transferred to your site balance as 10 credits. You are then free to spend those credit on any purchases within a time period of one year. For instance, you will be able to buy either one large image of 7 credits and one medium size image of 3 credits, or you can buy 10 small size images.

Vector images which is sold at Fotolia also have bitmap versions which are generally priced at 1 credit and up. In the case of vector files of vector images, it cost around 4 credits.

When you browse through Fotolia gallery, you will also notice that minimum prices which vary from photo to photo while the vast majority of images can be bought for 1 credit, there are some items which are mostly priced at 2-5 credits in case of smallest version. The prices of most of the royalty free images are higher. The reason is that they were created by the most well-known authors.

You can also download a certain amount of large images at much lower prices on a daily basis, in the case when you purchase a subscription. Talking about the subscription plan, the cheapest one includes 750 photos where each photo which is priced at $0.27, is sold for $199.

On this platform, the more you pay for a subscription plan, the cheaper the items will be. For instance, in case you choose an annual subscription plan which costs over $10,000, then you have to pay $0.14 per image.

One of the major advantages of this stock photo platform is the significantly lower prices of royalty free images using extended license which usually starts from $8.

So, if you need images for your blogs, newsletter, emailers, etc., you can buy photos via this site. Go ahead, and use this platform and share your views about this platform in the comment section below.

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