Fotomoto- A Review

Earning money by selling photos online is nothing new. There are many microstock companies like Shutterstock etc. which are selling affordable royalty free images.  Due to various issues related to pricing and hassles associated with sites like these, Fotomoto has provided the alternate solution.

It is an e-commerce system that provides web publishers and independent photographers a great platform to sell their work on their own site.



This is one of the simplest platforms to sell photos online, No doesn’t need to be highly skilled in managing his/her images, and he/she can easily sell their images.

Fotomoto gets integrated with almost any website. Amongst its best feature is that there is no particular need to upload images to any gray company as all the images are stored on user’s server.

Using this platform doesn’t incur any cost. Along with this, it offers great customer support and services.

Fotomoto takes 15% of any sale you make. As they deal with printing, shipping costs, and other aspects which seem quite reasonable.

How It Works

To start using Fotomoto, you first have to sign up to their free service which will provide you a one line code which you have to insert in your website. This particular code will find any photos, larger than a thumbnail, on your website and then place that photo into a directory which is under your Fotomoto account. With this done, all of your images will automatically show “buy now”, “send ecard”, “download now” buttons.

You can then sign in to your account and set pricing of your images either in bulk or individually. One can also change the style of these buttons, Social Network options, and many other features.

When someone buys your image, the Fotomoto takes care of every process, from printing to shipping.


With so many complications in selling process and compromised quality of images, not everyone likes to sell their images for micro stock or any agencies. This platform provides the perfect place to local photographers who shoot in birthday parties or weddings. All you have to do is simply upload your images online, and rest will be taken care by Fotomoto. The ease of use of this platform is also one of the best features Fotomoto has.

So, go ahead and sell your photos online with Fotomoto. In case you use this platform, then do let us know about your experiences and views. Don’t forget to mention them in our comment section below.

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