Free Photography Podcasts

I’ll start by saying that this list is necessarily constrained. For example, new photo-focused podcasts are constantly being released, and you could listen to them all day, every day and yet not get through them all. However, for product photography you can visit this website and schedule an appointment for a session.

It’s also worth noting that I mostly passed over the Photoshop podcasts. There are a plethora of them, many of which are excellent. Still, to make this post manageable, I’m restricting it to photography podcasts that aren’t entirely focused on Photoshop.

Craig Tanner’s Radiant Vista is a well-known blog that has spawned a fantastic podcast. For landscape and outdoor photographers, as well as anyone interested in learning more about photography techniques, the ‘cast is a gold mine of information.

The Daily Evaluate is a companion’ cast that uses sportscaster-style drawings on top of photographs to critique them. This is not an audio-only podcast, but it is a fantastic learning experience. While you’re on the visual side of things, check out Tanner’s Photoshop Workbench, a series of films chock-full of Photoshop advice. provided the LightSource Studio Photography. It features conversations with photographers as well as studio photography techniques. The suggestions are excellent.

The Candid Frame interviews photographers. While waiting for your coffee to brew, you can listen to this podcast on your way to work and then look at photographs from the photographers interviewed on the website.

The Photo History Lectures podcasts are the product of Jeff Curto’s recording of his History of Photography class at the College of DuPage. Curto uses the album artwork section of the iTunes interface to show thumbnails of the photographs he’s talking about. Unfortunately, the thumbnails are small on the iPod and challenging to view, but they are large enough on a computer screen. Another Curto’ cast on photography creativity is The Camera Position.

While the Jim Church School of Underwater Photography podcast is not for landlubbers, it does contain helpful information. In addition, you can go to the school’s website to see the photographs mentioned in the ‘casts.

The Image Doctors are The Nikonians‘ Jason Odell and Rick Walker. The focus of these ‘casts is “all things Nikon,” although they also cover broader photographic themes. A Nikonians Podcast Interview with a Nikon shooter is also available; the photographs discussed can be found on the Nikonians Web site.

Martin Bailey, a professional photographer residing in Tokyo, has a long-running podcast called the Martin Bailey Photography Podcast, which uses his photographs as a jumping-off point for photography talks that even amateurs may learn from.

TPN: The Digital Photography Show, hosted by Scott Sherman, is a polished audio podcast with the bonus of contest prizes you want to win.

Scott Wittenburg’s Photography 101 is a fantastic source of guidance and inspiration for composing images and experimenting with camera capabilities like exposure.

How to Tune In

Apple’s iTunes program is one of the most convenient ways to obtain this and other podcasts. First, choose the Podcasts genre from the iTunes Music Store home page, then the Arts & Entertainment category, then the Photography subcategory. However, there are some excellent photography podcasts in the Education category. However, because that category is so large, browsing it takes much longer than browsing the Photography subcategory.

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