Freelance Travel Writing and Photography: Interesting Facts

Travel Writing

Many people like to travel. This activity brings them a lot of pleasure because they see many beautiful places and learn about new cultures. It is also fascinating to take photos and review them later. These are good and pleasant memories. Students are frequently assigned to write travel essays and some of them cannot cope with this task. We have seen many online requests left by students who need help writing an essay on traveling. Besides, many people with good writing skills intend to become blog writers who cover topics on traveling. This task isn’t that easy!

You need to have real talent as a writer. Besides, you need to know how to write clear, informative, and readable texts for other people. It’s vital to ignite the desire to read about the places you have visited. Nonetheless, writing and taking photography are very captivating activities. Many people become freelancers in this direction, and they can tell you many interesting facts you didn’t know.

To provide you with more insights on this interesting topic, we have used the materials of Lauren Bradshaw, who is an essay writer at CustomWritings. This is one of the professional essay writing services on the Web. Her portfolio is very vivid and focuses on various topics to a definite extent. She has researched this topic in several works she has written. That is why we have decided to use the facts found by this experienced author in a combination with our findings.

Writing On the Road Isn’t Always Possible

Many people mistakenly believe that it’s quite easy to write while you travel. It’s not always so because various factors may interfere with your productivity. Many freelancers claim that they could write only after their journeys were over. Here are interesting reasons why they could not manage to write while they were on the road:

  • Too many impressions from new places and people;
  • A lot of distractions;
  • A simple desire to marvel at sightseeing to never miss a second;
  • No physical possibility to write at the moment;
  • A need to reconsider all visited places later.

Even if you write essays and other papers perfectly, it doesn’t necessarily mean you can be good at writing about travels. Some folks simply cannot write captivating descriptions of various descriptions. They may successfully cover other topics. In the meanwhile, they cannot cope with this specific field. Therefore, you need to try this stuff before you claim that you can become a guru in writing travel blog posts.

Traveling and Writing Are Time-Consuming Activities

The next interesting fact is related to time management. Both activities, traveling and writing, require a lot of time! When you combine them, you may forget about many pleasures of your life. Many travel writers confirm this statement. If you plan to become a freelance writer and photographer, be sure you realize this drawback. The people you love should understand that your time is limited while you’re on your trips and busy with writing papers about them.

Rich Experiences

Traveling provides a rare possibility to enrich your knowledge and inner culture. You will meet other places and people with quite different worldviews. Even when you travel through your country, people from another region may differ from you. Thus, you enrich your knowledge and can understand many people, their behavior, and various phenomena much better. You receive at least one new angle to look at the issue. Such experiences are crucial for your life in general.

Freelance Writing about Traveling Is a Supplement to Your Budget

Writing about travels isn’t too profitable. It is very hard to attract millions of readers and thus earn money. One survey showed that freelance writing and photographing on traveling are not the main jobs of people who undertake it. Over 50% of participants reported that they choose to write about traveling to add more money to their budget. It is more like a hobby that helps to earn. They do not commonly set it as the main source of income. 

Popular Travel Magazines and Websites

If you want to become a freelancer (full-time or part-time), you should find the right audience. It’s a pretty long and hard path. One of the best and swiftest ways to become famous in this field is to join the right platform. There are many websites and magazines that post articles by travel writers. We have researched this matter and are ready to present the top 10 sources. Make allowances for the next list:

  1. Matador Network
  2. ROVA
  3. Outpost Magazine
  4. Wanderlust
  5. GoNOMAD
  6. Travel + Leisure Magazine
  7. Arizona Highways Magazine
  8. Canadian Geographic Magazine
  9. Desert USA Magazine
  10. Escapees Magazine

These sources are very famous and popular. They have big audiences, and you can use them as a “bridge” to your independent writing. Write for some time until you increase your audience. When it’s huge enough, you may create your own blog and earn as much as you can without paying fees to such sources.

Consider Working at a Custom Travel Writing Service

Another great way to earn money and get popular is to join a reliable online paper writing service. Just be sure it supports travel writing. Online services help to earn more compared to blog writing because students pay for professional help more than such methods as visits or pay per click.

Of course, you will need to be able to cover other topics as well. Many students need to write essays about traveling, tourism, globalization, cultural experience, and so on. You can learn these and other directions pretty fast to attract more clients. It is a perfect solution for people who need money within the shortest period of time.

If you do well, a writing service will reward you fairly. To reach success on a custom platform, be sure to excel in various academic skills regularly because students have various needs. Thus, you will surely need to develop the next skills:

  • Writing;
  • Editing;
  • Proofreading;
  • Researching;
  • Rewriting;
  • Analyzing;
  • Time managing;
  • Critical thinking;
  • Citing and so on.

You will have a limited field of competence. Let’s say it is traveling, tourism, and related fields. It’s necessary to be good at writing various papers – essays, book reviews, speeches, etc.

Wrapping Up

Traveling is a very captivating activity and if you have a writer’s gift, you can also write articles about your journeys. Being a freelance writer is captivating and helps to earn some good money. It also makes you helpful to other people who want to go somewhere but don’t know where.

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