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Looking for ways to showcase your in-depth knowledge and skills as an IT technician? More often than not, education and work experience are not enough to give you that coveted nod from the employers―but CompTIA A+ certification does. Whether you are about to launch your profession or need to boost your career, here are the reasons why this foundational certification from the ever-competent CompTIA is important for IT technicians out there.

Easily markets yourself

Did you know that CompTIA A+ certification is such a powerful tool when you apply for a job as an IT technician? Most recruiters would prefer those who have this kind of credential because it shows competence and preparedness in the IT field. CompTIA itself is a widely respected organization in IT that issues vendor-neutral certifications, thus it opens great career opportunities to its candidates. CompTIA has been in the industry for many decades, nurturing professionals to unleash their greatest skills to achieve their dream IT career. Because of its global prominence, there is no doubt why employers would give priority to those applicants with a CompTIA A+ mark on their profile. Simply said, they are considered to be well-prepared and credible individuals with a valuable certificate in their hands. It also means that getting a certification from CompTIA, you are doing yourself a great favor!

Enhances your IT support skills

As an IT technician, you are the primary point of contact for all IT related issues. Employers and other employees would need your IT support services. As a result, you should know how to diagnose, troubleshoot, and maintain all components of hardware and software so that the business runs without any interruptions. This may be a difficult responsibility for those who are not harnessed with the know-how of the network and system, including hardware and peripherals. Hence, IT technicians take on the journey of getting certified with CompTIA A+ to polish their technical and support skills .

Provides an all-encompassing array of technical information

By passing the CompTIA A+, IT technicians are outlined, not just with the simple background in hardware and software systems, but also with a wide variety of different technical issues. This IT information covers wide-ranging topics, including mobile devices, cloud computing, operating systems, and security. And wither with the certification exams 220-901 and 220-902 or the new tests 220-1001 and 220-1002, IT technicians are refined to become more ready to face the changing digital world.

Polishes your ability to connect users to data

Once employers know that you are armed with this international credential, you are considered a highly skilled IT professional who knows data connectivity. This means that when you get ready for the exam, you are trained on how to link users to different important data regardless of the device used. This significant skill is such a plus factor for IT technicians

Widens your knowledge about security threats    

IT technicians should be all around, hence knowledge about security threats is a must. But fret not, because with CompTIA A+, you can easily distinguish and secure the system from security vulnerabilities. The certification exam, particularly 220-902, checks your skills as well as the knowledge related to security and other cloud computing issues. At the same time, you will learn about ways to troubleshoot network and security issues, which are in line with best IT practices.

Uncovers facts about other operating systems and technologies

IT technicians are also given the chance to comprehend popular operating systems such as Windows, Linux, Mac, and even mobile OS. During your preparation process to the certification exam, you will gain knowledge on how to install operating systems and provide the client support. These training resources prepare you to become organized and prepared when you take the real job.

Allows you to open your own IT repair shop   

Ever dreamed of having your own IT business? Then getting the CompTIA A+ is a great way to start your passion. Furnishing you with important groundwork and significant skills, this entry-level certification is such a potent factor to attract customers. Set up your own workstation and market yourself directly to individuals and small businesses. This may be a daunting process but it’s much more profitable than working for a company. Create your own name and start your own IT repair shop!

Emphasizes your credibility

Offered by the well-known CompTIA, specialists who are armed with A+ credential guarantee their credibility as professional IT technicians. It is because this international organization has been making waves for more than 20 years. Established on 1 January 1982, this top-notch accreditation provides a wide range of certifications for different individuals. From entry-level credentials to expert range certifications, there’s something that will surely help fresh graduates and even seasoned experts pursue their dream careers.

Gives a higher pay

Aside from all the knowledge and skills, getting the CompTIA A+ means that you have established a profile that deserves higher pay. Most recruiters would often consider certifications as proof that you are a trusted professional―hence a bigger salary. The higher compensation recompenses for the time, money, and effort done to pass the exam. Each exam itself costs $219, which is exclusive of all training resources and study references. So, if you want to get a high-paying job in the future, these tests are a great career investment.

How to Prepare for CompTIA A+ exams

All these benefits are at your disposal after the proper preparation for the certification exam, be it 220-901 or 220-1001 or the second one. What you need to know is that the material you use should be of the top quality and the most actual. To find such, first you turn to the CompTIA official website. After that, you can visit one of the most popular website among the candidates – ExamSnap. This online platform is the top one because of the materials it provides you to become A+ certified. Here you’ll find a study guide for the relevant exam. All the argues about whether to use exam dumps or not, stopped when you browse ExamSnap website, as it offers the most updated and actual ones. Some of them are uploaded by the real exam takers, others are carefully checked by IT experts. Anyway, this platform can be fully trusted. In order to enhance your preparation process, on ExamSnap website you can take training courses led by the IT experts. That means that you will be armed with the most useful information about the certification exam you are sitting for.


With the ever growing IT industry, every IT technician should know how to keep up with the tight race. New technologies sprout like a mushroom, and so as different security threats. So, if you want to be on top of your game, make sure you do your part. Take time to equip yourself, not just with knowledge and work experience, but also with globally-known credentials from a recognized organization―like CompTIA A+. Be prepared well with the most valid prep materials from ExamSnap and boost your career in IT with A+ certification.

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