Impressive Glass Photography

Glass Photography – 22 Impressive Photos of Glass as a Center Object

Taking picture of translucent objects is great fun. We get splendid outputs of several setups with proper backlight. Here are some good examples of Glass Photography with great colors and lighting, to help you learn more about it….

1. Colors ( © Björn Burton)

Image Source: 500px

2. Throug the glass ( © António Oliveira)

Throug the glass
Image Source: 500px

3. La Catrina ( © Tim Photography)

La Catrina
Image Source: 500px

4. Glass ( © Mazin Alrasheed Alzain)

Image Source: 500px

5. Bottles & Glasses ( © François Dorothé)

Bottles & Glasses
Image Source: 500px

6. Cool Glass ( © Raimundas)

Cool Glass
Image Source: 500px

7. Glass chess neon ( © David Vega)

Glass chess neon
Image Source: 500px

8. City Bokeh ( © Irene Mei)

City Bokeh
Image Source: 500px

9. Light, glass & color ( © Manolis Smalios)

light, glass & color
Image Source: 500px

10. Inversion ( © Wahid Sakhi)

Image Source: 500px

11. Oil and vinegar ( © Aida Ianeva)

oil and vinegar
Image Source: 1x

12. Transverre ( © Mario Cliche)

Image Source: 1x

13. Rondo in Red ( © Jeffrey Levy)

Rondo in Red
Image Source: 1x

14. Harmony… ( © Christopher Stanczyk)

Image Source: 1x

15. Crystal clear ( © hejha)

crystal clear
Image Source: 1x

16. Glasses ( © Alexxxx1)

Image Source: Deviantart

17. Garden of Glass ( © UgurDoyduk)

Garden of Glass
Image Source: Deviantart

18. Glass B&W ( © jenrygraphy)

Glass B&W
Image Source: 500px

19. Christmas Cheers ( © Marianna Armata)

Christmas Cheers
Image Source: 500px

20. Vine pleasure ( © Güfran Ünsel)

vine pleasure
Image Source: 500px

21. Copa y hoja ( © Chechi Peinado)

Copa y hoja
Image Source: 500px

22. Fragile ( © Carlos Espejo)

Image Source: 500px


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