Red Hibiscus Flower

26 Pretty Hibiscus Flower

Hibiscus is one of the showy flowers, found in different colors – commonly red, pink, yellow and white. These are found in areas with warm temperature. With five beautiful petals sometimes in same color and sometimes in shades… make them look beautiful. So here are 26 Pretty Hibiscus Flower for you, hope you’ll like their colors and clicks…

Hibiscus Flower ( © Diamond Brooke)

Hibiscus Flower

In Morning Sun ( © Patarika)

In Morning Sun

Growing in the palace gardens ( © SallyT.)

Growing in the palace gardens

Hibiscus, Tyre, South Lebanon ( © Alexander Short)

Hibiscus, Tyre, South Lebanon

Hibiscus plant-flower ( © Eva Van Wagoner)

Hibiscus plant-flower

Hibiscus blooms ( © Philhaber)

Hibiscus blooms

Pretty Flower ( © Ibrahim Mohamed)

Pretty Flower

Purple Hibiscus Flower ( © Melinda Applegate)

Purple Hibiscus Flower

Hummingbird Near Hibiscus Flower ( © Dan Ripplinger)

Hummingbird Near Hibiscus Flower

Double Hibiscus Flowers ( © Rita Sharon)

Double Hibiscus Flowers

Beautiful Hibiscus ( © Dalang55555)

Beautiful Hibiscus

Flower in yellow and red shades ( © bob)

Flower in yellow and red shades

Red Hibiscus Flower ( © jciv)

Red Hibiscus Flower

Yellow hibiscus flower ( © Trish and Philip…)

yellow hibiscus flower

Hibiscus: Pink ( © 3Point141)

Hibiscus Pink

White Hibiscus ( © J J)

White Hibiscus

Peach Pink Hibiscus ( © Wild-Soul)

Peach Pink Hibiscus

Beautiful Pink ( © N-ScapePhotography)

Beautiful Pink

The Hibiscus ( © shirly90)

The Hibiscus

Deep Forest ( © Wim Bolsens)

Deep Forest

White Hibiscus ( © Khoo Boo Chuan)

White Hibiscus 2

Hibiscus ( © Cris T)


The Gift ( © Jane Fernald)

The Gift

Stigma’s Shadow ( © Kimberly Stokes-Holder)

Stigma's Shadow

The earth laughs in flowers!!! ( © Jay Sabapathy)

The earth laughs in flowers!!!

Mistletoe ( © Leah McCoy Soderblom)



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