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Regardless of the fact that iTunes is regarded to be a number-one app for controlling the content of your iPhone, not each Apple user is completely satisfied with its functionality and usability. In this review, we’ll analyze the best alternative to this software – iMazing

What is iMazing?

This is a trusted app which is used for transferring and saving music, files, data or messages. In a similar vein, this is a safe tool for backing up your Apple device. Many users, who have already managed to appreciate its benefits, consider this software product to be the most worthy iOS device manager for Mac. This app should be installed on your Mac.

Why is iMazing unique?

Let’s delve into the main aspects that make iMazing so popular among Apple users.

The app has a clear and pleasant interface (you won’t get lost in extra icons here).

File transfer is regarded to be the most useful option, which is crucially important for each user. Just imagine the situation: you have just bought a new iPhone or other Apple device. Commonly, each user keeps too much important information in the phone memory of the previous device and needs to send it from old smartphone to the new one. Through the use of iMazing, data transferring takes several minutes. This is the easiest method to transfer data between various smartphones.

You can connect your iOS device and a computer through the use of Wi-Fi or USB cable.

Users of iMazing can keep a check on all their apps, music or video files, call logs, etc. Besides, the procedure of sending PDF docs or ebooks to iBooks is very easy and fast.

Device management option is one more great feature, which simplifies the process of re-installing iOS. Mostly, users update their smartphones on them but in some instances, it is necessary to connect an iPhone to the computer. In this scenario, device management feature can help you save some time.

Contacts management feature is one more great benefit of iMazing. Thanks to this option, users can save their contacts on Mac. This feature is extremely useful for those, who used to change SIM cards frequently.

Back management also deserves attention because this functionality is of prime importance these days. Using this software product, one click is enough to save data. The app is endowed with the option, allowing users to send data from the mobile device to a computer safely. Otherwise stated, it is impossible to delete files inadvertently. This feature is important for users who either want to upgrade their mobile phones or those who just wish to free up space on their Apple devices.

iMazing will archive all your backups (if necessary, you can restore them later).

Besides, it is also possible to use backup encryption option. If you use this feature, all next backups will be encrypted. This is just one more safety step!

The app management feature allows you to get your software products from the App Store and then, save them on Mac. In this situation, you can easily set up several iOS devices simultaneously.

Do you wish to keep your data under control? iMazing is an ideal tool, allowing users to keep a check on backing up data on their iOS devices. There are various billing plans and you can choose the one, which can comply with your demands. iMazing is one of those software products that are really worth investment!