Juggling Parenting and Your Work as a Photographer

Juggling Parenting and Your Work

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If you work for yourself or from home, it can be challenging to have your own time and space for your business, especially when you are having to care for your children as well. Of course, there are some simple rules that you can enforce that may be able to help. Here are a few ways to assist when it comes to parenting and running your home photography business.

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Helpful Parenting Tips

There are tips that you can try to enforce in your household which may make it easier for you to get your work done and still be the parent that your children deserve. Be sure to make changes when necessary and pay attention to what works and what doesn’t.

Talk About Rules and Schedules

Anytime you are trying to find a proper work-life balance, it can be helpful to discuss the ins and outs as a family. It is also a good idea to institute rules, schedules, and chores, so that everyone knows what they are responsible for at all times.

Together with your spouse you can determine what the rules are, what everyone’s schedule consists of, and design a chore chart as well. Then you can have a meeting with the entire family so everyone can be informed about what is going on each week. Take steps to make sure that your children understand everything you tell them, and always explain what will happen if they don’t follow the rules or do their chores.

Have Your Own Space

When you are working from home, you need to have your own space to do your job. As a photographer, this can be anywhere from a space away from everyone else or a shed in the backyard. It is important that you have all the equipment you need in the same place, as well as a quiet area for you to get things accomplished.

Your schedule should tell other people in your household when you can be found in your own space, and that they shouldn’t bother you unless there is an emergency. Even though you work from home, this doesn’t mean your work isn’t important, and it should be treated as such.

Make Time for Family

You must also make the time each day to talk to your kids and spend some time with them. This can help everyone understand that you care, and you are there for them. It may also keep them from trying to disturb you when you are attempting to finish an important assignment.

On days when you are unable to find much time to spend with your little ones, be sure to make it up to them with a special treat or by spending extra time with them when you have the ability to do so.

Make Time for Yourself

There may be many things that you have to do on any given day, but you need to take time for yourself as well. Anytime you need a couple of minutes to yourself, you can take a walk outside or sit in a quiet room. It is fine to take breaks when you are feeling overwhelmed or need to solve a problem. Moreover, when you are taking care of yourself and your well-being, this can allow you to do other things well too.

Ask For Help

If you find that you need help with work, your kids, or something else, always ask a trusted friend or family member if they mind lending a hand. There will be days that get away from you, and this is no cause for concern. Even with schedules and chore charts, it may be next to impossible to run all your errands, take care of your children’s needs, and get your work projects completed. Always ask for help instead of feeling overwhelmed, when this is possible. If you don’t, it could have a negative impact on your mental health.


It is conceivable that you can juggle parenting and working as a photographer, even if you work at home. There are a few rules you need to put in place, and you must have a space of your own to complete work. Besides that, it is a matter of making time for what’s important and asking for help when it’s crucial. After a while, you may have your work-life balance figured out.

Featured Photo by Mike Scheid on Unsplash

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