27 Magnificent Lady bug Pictures

Lady bug Pictures

Ladybugs are small beetles, found with yellow, orange or red wings with black spot. Ladybugs also called ladybirds, are considered useful insects because they prey on agricultural pests and are loved by farmers.

You can find them on leaves in the garden, cities, along river and forests. There are around 5000 species of ladybugs. They are commonly found in red color with seven black dots on their wings, three on each wing and one in the middle. They are domed shaped with six short legs. The color, shape and size of this insect make it attractive and interesting, specially among kids.

Ladybugs are also famous in Nursery rhymes. Children find these beautiful little ladybugs nice and appealing. Here are few impressive lady bug pictures you will love to see.

Ladybug resting on a leaf

Labybug on leaves

Ladybug on the flower

Ladybug being highlighted on a white flower

Ladybug extracting nectar from nature

Ladybug enjoying some flavour from nature

Ladybug hanging down the flower

Ladybug in a brown-orange color contrast

Ladybug having more colors than a rainbow

Ladybug flaunting it’s beautiful wings

Ladybug having a get together

Ladybug showing what unity look like

Ladybug covered in water droplets

Ladybug interacting with a human hand

Ladybug having conversation with another ladybug

Ladybug mating

Ladybug making it’s way through

Ladybug looks indifferent from the flower

Ladybug magnificently flashing the colors

Ladybug in a streak of sunlight

Ladybug ( © Megson)

ladybug Megson
Image Source: Deviantart

Melancholic ladybug ( © AlleyCat91)

melancholic ladybug
Image Source: Deviantart

Ladybug of the forest ( © MaaykeKlaver)

Ladybug of the forest
Image Source: Deviantart

Ladybug ( © graemo)

ladybug graemo
Image Source: Deviantart

Ladybug II ( © Bozack)

Ladybug II
Image Source: Deviantart

LadyBug ( © Instant-Ocean)

LadyBug Ocean
Image Source: Deviantart

Ladybug adventures ( © xxemoxxstarxx)

ladybug adventures
Image Source: Deviantart

Hope you liked the images.

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