Lady bug Pictures

27 Magnificent Lady bug Pictures

Ladybugs are small beetles, found with yellow, orange or red wings with black spot. Ladybugs also called ladybirds, are considered useful insects because they prey on agricultural pests and are loved by farmers.

You can find them on leaves in the garden, cities, along river and forests. There are around 5000 species of ladybugs. They are commonly found in red color with seven black dots on their wings, three on each wing and one in the middle. They are domed shaped with six short legs. The color, shape and size of this insect make it attractive and interesting, specially among kids.

Ladybugs are also famous in Nursery rhymes. Children find these beautiful little ladybugs nice and appealing. Here are few impressive lady bug pictures you will love to see.

Regordetta ( © Alejandro Ferrer Ruiz)

Image Source: 500px

Rain ( © Mustafa Öztürk)

Image Source: 500px

Ladybug exposed ( © Razvan Cornel Constantin)

Ladybug exposed
Image Source: 500px

LADYBUG ( © Mustafa Öztürk)

Image Source: 500px

LADYBUG1 ( © Mustafa Öztürk)

Image Source: 500px

Ladybug in field ( © Erdal Akan)

Ladybug in field
Image Source: 500px

Dew on ladybug ( © Sadris Idris)

Dew on ladybug
Image Source: 500px

Perilous Journey ( © Didier Kobi)

Perilous Journey
Image Source: 500px

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Enjoying the spring ( © Ferdinando valverde)

Enjoying the spring
Image Source: 500px

Ladybugs ( © Marko Zamurovic)

Image Source: 500px

Ladybug on a spike ( © Sabino Parente)

Ladybug on a spike
Image Source: 500px

Ladybug on daisy ( © VivienXVI)

Ladybug on daisy
Image Source: 500px

Ladybird almost flying away ( © Ellen van Deelen)

Ladybird almost flying away
Image Source: 1x

Just red ( © Ellen van Deelen)

Just red
Image Source: 1x

Ladybirds ( © Ellen van Deelen)

Image Source: 1x

Ladybirds on pink hydrangea ( © Ellen van Deelen)

Ladybirds on pink hydrangea
Image Source: 1x

Blue road ( © rome71)

Blue road
Image Source: 1x

Seems to be cold this morning ( © Fabien BRAVIN)

Seems to be cold this morning
Image Source: 1x

Ladybug and dew ( © Kedasc)

Ladybug and dew
Image Source: 1x

Red and White ( © Ellen van Deelen)

red and white
Image Source: 1x

Ladybug ( © Megson)

ladybug Megson
Image Source: Deviantart

Melancholic ladybug ( © AlleyCat91)

melancholic ladybug
Image Source: Deviantart

Ladybug of the forest ( © MaaykeKlaver)

Ladybug of the forest
Image Source: Deviantart

Ladybug ( © graemo)

ladybug graemo
Image Source: Deviantart

Ladybug II ( © Bozack)

Ladybug II
Image Source: Deviantart

LadyBug ( © Instant-Ocean)

LadyBug Ocean
Image Source: Deviantart

Ladybug adventures ( © xxemoxxstarxx)

ladybug adventures
Image Source: Deviantart

Hope you liked the images.


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