Lessening Paranoia Related to Being an Artist

Being an Artist

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Being an artist may be something you have always dreamed about, and it can be trying to find the right niche and be able to support yourself within your area of concentration. However, there is likely a place for you and your business, with a little bit of effort and hard work. It is important to stay motivated and positive, instead of giving into the paranoia you may experience. Here are a few ways you may be able to lessen it.

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Paranoia is a mental health concern that may cause you to feel like others are out to ruin your reputation or hurt you. You might also have a difficult time trusting people when you are experiencing this.

However, you don’t have to have a mental ailment to feel paranoid, however. Nearly everyone experiences mild paranoia from time to time. When you are an artist, you might think that you are doomed to fail. You could even have a suspicion that other artists want to steal your work or do things that undermine yours.

Of course, thinking like this may be counterproductive, which means you should lessen this type of paranoia when you can.

Limiting Paranoia

Here are a few techniques to limit any paranoia you experience.

  • Sleep. You need to get around 8 hours of sleep every night. To achieve this, do your best to go to bed at the same time each night and lie in a cool and dark room. It is a good idea to leave your smart devices across the room, so you don’t look at them throughout the night, which can interrupt your sleep. You may also want to limit how much you drink a few hours before you go to sleep, so you won’t be up going to the bathroom multiple times.
  • Eat Right. Another technique to consider is eating right. Try to get vitamins and minerals from your food by eating colorful fruits and vegetables. If you find it difficult to get all the vitamins you need, talk to your doctor about possible supplements you should consider.
  • Exercise. Working out regularly can not only help you improve your overall health, but it can lessen anxiety and stress levels. When you find that you are unable to keep to a schedule, ask a friend if they will work out with you each week. They might be willing to walk around the block with you or go to the gym.
  • Lower Stress. Keeping your stress at bay is easier said than done, but it is important as an artist, since being stressed can have a negative impact on your work. You might be able to limit it by making pieces for yourself and not worrying about what others will think when they see your artwork. Moreover, if something doesn’t seem to be working, walk away for a few minutes, take a break and smoke a Gary Payton Strain from Fresh Bros. This may change your perspective and help you get through the issue you are facing.
  • Stay Social. When you are feeling paranoid, you might not want to hang out with anyone. This is the reason why you should. If you call someone you trust, they might be able to offer you another point of view and help you change how you are feeling.
  • Talk to a Therapist. Anytime your paranoia doesn’t go away, or you experience it frequently, it may be the right time to speak with a therapist. They will have the ability to offer treatment options to lessen your paranoia and provide advice on lowering stress as well.


Being an artist can be trying at times, but when you are able to believe in your work and keep paranoia at bay, you might start to notice that you are creating artwork that people like and want to see more of. Be sure to keep a trusted support system around to help you stay focused and remind you that you should keep at it. Consider reaching out for mental health support when you need it too. These things can keep you focused and allow you to continue doing what you love.

Photo by Skyler Gerald on Unsplash

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