35 Letting Go Quotes that Inspires you to Move On

Be like a tree. and let the dead leaves drop

Life’s a stage where we play many roles, where we meet different people, where we walk through different situations. Somewhere smile, love and care, and at another sacrifice, failure, frustration.

When we are going through our happy phase of life, we feel as if it will never end. But the truth of life is… What has started will end one day. So enjoy your present if it’s beautiful and let go the bad times because you know that, what exists will end someday and the right moment will come again.

Whether it’s a business failure, a breakup, any guilt, anger or loss… Just let it go and allow the new things to enter your life and make your life even more beautiful and worth living.

It hurts to say goodbye to a person you love knowing that life won’t be the same without him. But its better to give up rather than to fight knowing that you’re the only one fighting.

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Letting go does not mean you stop caring. It means you stop trying to force others to.

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One of the happiest moments in life is when you find the courage to let go to what you cannot change.

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I trusted you, but now your words mean nothing because your actions spoke the truth.

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Sometimes silence is the best way to let someone know they did you wrong.

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When it hurts to move on, just remember the pain you felt hanging on.

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At some point, you have to realise that some people can stay in your heart but not in your life.

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I’m letting go. You let go a long time ago, and I realize that it is time for me to do the same.

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Letting go means to come to the realisation that some people are a part of your history, but not a part of your destiny.

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If you truly love someone then the only thing you want is for them to be happy even if it is never with you.

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You don’t drown by falling in the water. You drown by staying there.

One of the hardest things you will ever have to do, my dear, is to grieve the loss of a person who is still alive.

You can’t change someone who doesn’t see an issue in their actions.

Never trust someone thats let you down more than 2 times. Once was a warning, twice was a lesson and anything more than that is taking advantage.

Sometimes people come into your life just to teach you how to let go.

Let go of those who are already gone.

No matter how good of a woman you are, you will never be good enough to a man who isn’t ready.

Stop looking for happiness in the same place you lost it.

It’s not healthy to stay with people that don’t even bother to ask how you are.

When you find no solution to a problem, it’s probably not a problem to be solved. but rather a truth to be accepted.

When someone treats you like an option, help them narrow their choices by removing yourself from the equation. It’s that simple.

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If they can leave you so easily, they were never really meant for you. Let them go.

May the next few months be a period of beautiful transformation.

If it’s meant for you, you won’t have to beg for it… you will never have to sacrifice your dignity for your destiny.

Happiness is letting go of what you think your life is supposed to look like and celebrating it for everything that it is.

Be like a tree. and let the dead leaves drop.

Life becomes easier when you learn to accept an apology you never got.

Be soft. Do not let the world make you hard. Do not let pain make you hate. Do not let the bitterness steal your sweetness.

Learn to forgive people and release them. Life feeds back truth to people in its own way and time.

Holding on is believing that there’s a past; letting go is knowing that there’s a future.

Life is a balance of holding on and letting go.

Don’t ruin a good today by thinking about a bad yesterday. Let it go.

When people walk away from you, let them go. Your destiny is never tied to anyone who leaves you, and it doesn’t mean they are bad people. It just mean that their part in your story is over.

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You’ll end up really disappointed if you think people will do for you as you do for them. Not everyone has the same heart as you. 

One of the hardest lessons in life is letting go. Whether it’s guilt, anger, love, loss or betrayal. Change is never easy. We fight to hold on and we fight to let go.