17 Best Levitation Photography Tutorial and Examples


Levitation or floating in the air is thought to be impossible by many. In reality, this is very much possible and the only requirement is that you need to have total confidence in yourself, with a strong belief of achieving it. Also, rest your hopes on Photoshop as you can obtain levitation photography with this cheap but powerful tool.

This article touches upon the top 10 levitation photography tutorials and examples. You can always find tons of examples on levitation photography on the web. All you gotta do is carry out some amount of research work before mastering the art of levitation photography. Defying gravity has been easy for levitation photographers, who with their skills and hard work come up with images that are hard to forget.

1. Floating without boundaries

Image Source: Flickr

This is a quick shot without any meaning and has some flying hair and levitation to make it appear interesting. The door appears somewhat disturbing and the top of the hand seems to be missing. However, it’s still a stunning work.

2. Zero gravity

Image Source: Designcollector

This image called Zero gravity, created by Nikolay Tikhomirov-a Moscow based photographer- is a dramatic portrait beautiful female figures drifting casually into the air whilst the things surrounding them remain static.

3. A mysterious levitation photo

Image Source: Tutsplus

This mysterious levitation photo, created by Dewayne Tures looks utterly complicated. However, in reality it has been created using simple, yet brilliant techniques.

4. An alternate route

Image Source: Flickr

An alternate route is a dazzling work by Brooke Shaden and has been created with an extremely natural feel. It’s an effect which can be created by very few photographers. Brooke Shaden is a conceptual photographer living and residing in Arizona.

5. Andrew Otten Photography

This photography by Andrew Otten is not at all difficult. The things you require for creating such an image are camera, flash, tripod, milk crate, ladder, chair, box and an editing software.

6. At water level

Image Source: Flickr

At Water Level, which has been shot by ChelseyLeBlanc is a brilliant composition. The reflection looks great and the ripples give a realistic look to the levitation effect. Chelsey is based in New Brunswick, Canada and is  conceptual photographer.

7. Levitation Photography by Kait Dean

Image Source: WordPress

This image created by Kait Dean and fellow photographer Jayce created this mesmerizing effect with an old telescope. The duo recently lunched  photography group on Facebook which you may like to check out.

8. Broken Wings

Image Source: Jennyjacobsson

Broken Wings by Jenny Jacobson is simply outstanding. She got the idea while walking around one day when her eyes caught the attention of the wings of  a semi-decomposed bird among the leaves and on the ground. She then took three shots to create a woman with wings working hard to fly off from a tree stump.

9. Defying gravity

Image Source: Flickr

It’s rare to find out people defying gravity and climbing on walls, but Stu Mayhew has created this wonderful effect. It’s a creative shot which shows that life without gravity can sometimes be amazing.

10. Sugar and Spice

Image Source: Flickr

This work created by Rachel Marie Smith  has levitation applied to the simple activity of life and yet looks magical.

11. Forest Magic ( © Peter Gróf)

Image Source: 500px

12. Caucasian man pouring cup from levitating tea kettle ( © Gable Denims)

Image Source: 500px

13. Floating banana ( © Cong Liu)

Image Source: 500px

14. Back Alley ( © Alif Iman)

Image Source: 500px

15. Levitation photo ( © DigitalRev)

Image Source: Flickr

Here’s how to do Levitation Photography for this picture.

16. Levitation Photography ( © Sinu Kumar)

Image Source: Flickr

This image is created following few simple steps.

17. We move lightly ( © Julie Brown)

Image Source: Flickr